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Quora – Climate Change

Quora – Why isn’t climate change causing changes in behaviour The simple answer is, because reality is complex beyond our ability to comprehend in detail, and we look for simple answers we can manage. That applies to everyone, every level, … Continue reading

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Quora – Aumann’s Agreement Theorem

Quora – What are some solid conclusions that could be reached when using Aumann’s agreement theorem to debate evolution versus creationism? None. Aumann’s theorem assumes that assumptions can be enumerated and argued in some real time. The reality seems to … Continue reading

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Quora – 100% without doubt?

Quora – Are scientists 100% without any kind of doubt sure that evolution has occurred? Real scientists are never 100% certain about anything (that is the opposite of science, that is called belief or dogma). The essence of science is … Continue reading

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Laurie – Declutter

DeClutter Do you resonate with any of the four declutter areas listed in this post? Hi Laurie, I align with a lot of what you say, and (as usual 😉 ) a few areas of “quibble”. I certainly agree with … Continue reading

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Daniel Schmachtenberger video – War on sensemaking

The War on Sensemaking, Daniel Schmachtenberger Got a positive feedback from Daniel – agreeing on all points Hi Daniel, Very well done. We align on so much. A few quibbles, but I’ll mention just the last one. When you made … Continue reading

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Quora – advantages of longevity

What are the advantages and disadvantages of increasing life expectancy much beyond 80? Taking it well past 80 – ie indefinite life extension, with fully automated personal healthcare (zero cost), is the only thing I am interested in. Why so? … Continue reading

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Quora – sunshade to solve climate change

Response to Steve Baker’s answer to Sunshade answer to Global climate change This is true if you make the assumption it is launched from Earth. If all you launch from earth is a package capable of soft landing a set … Continue reading

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