To contact Ted:
ph NZ(+64) (0)3 319 6797 or (0)27 442 4281
or email either:
ted at fishnet dot co dot nz   or
tedhowardnz at gmail dot com
Home is 1 Maui Street, Kaikoura 7300, New Zealand
Location: 42°25.123’S 173°41.626’E

3 Responses to Contact

  1. Gordon says:

    Just read an interesting discussion between yourself and Thomas Greco in regards to getting from here to no money. is my attempt at explaining how it can be done. My site gets very little time so some of the ideas, opinions, concepts are very abstract. As you mentioned, the education of the nation is required, then we simply vote :). Kia Kaha. Gordon

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  2. andrew beesley says:

    Best. Comment. Ever! All of it.

    …”Arguably most of finance and politics and advertising are now dominated by cheating strategies.
    That doesn’t mean we need to change the people necessarily, and it does mean that the people need to change their strategy sets.

    We are the most cooperative species we know of.
    Perhaps it is time to give that fact the majority of our intellectual attention.”…

    I haven’t read your blog yet… and i will now.

    Will you post your comment from above as a post and discussion… please?

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