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New page above

I’ve completed at least a working draft of a new page above – on key themes in understanding what we are:

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Evonomics – Hayek meets information theory

Hayek Meets Information Theory. And Fails. Modern economic theories of prices-as-information are seventy years out of date. This post is kind of useful in the way it portrays information theory reasonably well. This post is very poor in its presentation … Continue reading

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A Clip from one of Jordan’s Lectures – missing pieces. {updated}

YouTube clip of Jordan supposedly roasting Sam Harris, but actually lecturing That clip actually comes from 2017 Maps of Meaning 10: Genesis and the Buddha (Published on 27 Apr 2017) and the passage in question comes 12:49 into it. The … Continue reading

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Video Interview with Justin from Ideapod

You tube video of the interview with Justin recorded 4pm NZ time 19th April:

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Jordan Peterson on science and religion

Jordan Peterson – Reconciling Science and Religion Hi FOS, I find myself agreeing with most of what he says, just not quite with his definition of science. I can see where his definition of science conflicts with his notion of … Continue reading

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A heathen argument for faith

Amor Fati: A Heathen Argument For Faith… ‘Amor Fati’ is a Latin phrase used in ancient Greece meaning (approximately) ‘love your fate’. Essentially, it is the idea and belief that all things necessarily happen for the good, the nearest modern … Continue reading

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Facebook post on Valhalla movement

Post on Jordan’s Faceboook page In response to Valhalla movement post on facebook. In 1978 Edward Lupinski famously quipped to Milton Friedman that socialism can only work if everyone has two servants, including the servants. Technology is rapidly approaching the … Continue reading

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