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Thoughts driving home from meeting Richard Dawkins in Christchurch

Attended Richard Dawkins event in Christchurch, and had a short conversation with him at the meet and greet afterwards These are transcriptions from 3 recordings made driving home Saturday morning, listening to a lecture on the development of Greek philosophical … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Democracy failing

Ideapod – democracy is failing Gaurav asked – “Then tell me the best way to govern” What do you mean when you use the term “govern”? Do you mean it in the sense of a governor on a diesel motor … Continue reading

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Comment to Giovanni on values

Giovanni shared Mike Watson’s Post on Facebook – but the post and all comments have since been removed. Good question Giovanni Santostasi When one reads Plato’s Republic it is easy to see at least two levels present, and a … Continue reading

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In Shadow

Ideapod – In Shadow A great little image of modern life – if you are prepared to look within to the unpleasant aspects of self, and see through them to the greatness that is also present. The author’s website – … Continue reading

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London Futurists – Real Democracy Reality seems to contain the twin tyrannies – the majority and the minority. Finding a system that avoids both in practice is a seriously non-trivial problem. Any simplistic approach to democracy becomes a tyranny of … Continue reading

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Existential Risk

Grand futures and existential risk, with Anders Sandberg Would love to join you, but don’t have the resources to get us there from New Zealand at present. This is a very complex topic. Steve wrote of Nett Present Human Happiness, … Continue reading

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Tom’s Facebook post on Unity

Tom’s facebook post on Unity Kinda, almost Tom. We seem to be many levels of pattern – about 20 of them. We seem to be based in matter, in the patterns of matter and energy within us, as well as … Continue reading

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