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Some images of the recent Venus-Moon conjunction

Took these images a few days ago – 9th October to be precise. The first was taken pre-dawn, and the others during the morning, as Venus approached, went behind, and emerged. Just taken from our deck in Kaikoura with a … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking on AI risk

Stephen Hawking on AI Reddit published Stephen Hawking’s answers to questions in an “Ask me anything” (AMA) event on Thursday (Oct. 8). With all due respect to Stephen, he really is missing several key points here. I am largely aligned … Continue reading

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Posthuman Network – Bostrom

Posthuman Network – comment on Max Tegmark and Nick Bostrom’s talk to the UN Kevin George Haskell 13/10/15 (NZ time) I think there are many existential risk from technology, and many more existential risks from not having technology. We have … Continue reading

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Abracadabra What type of magic do you enjoy? Hi Laurie The magic of nature, which includes people. The magic of reality – so much more than any of our theories (ever) – I love how infinity can be like that!!!

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Dark side of Anti-Oxidants

The Dark Side of Antioxidants Mostly about the Finnish and US CARET studies on Carotenes This does show the extreme difficulty of trying to make blanket pronouncements about anything to do with metabolism. So many different intersecting and overlapping probability … Continue reading

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Being Content

Question of the Day, Oct 7-8, 2015, what is being content? What would you be willing to give up in order to live perfectly content for the rest of your life? Like Andrew, I think contentment is vastly over rated. … Continue reading

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Cancer video

TTAC AGQ Trailer 01 In response to daniel earnshaw 7 Oct 2015 Yes cancer is complex. Saying you have cancer is like saying you live in the USA, it can be true, but it isn’t a lot of use in … Continue reading

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This Is Your Brain On Mindfulness Do you live in the moment? Hi Laurie I have many different modes of being. Some of them approximate the “mindfulness” mode. When I am programming, I can be so fixated on the problem … Continue reading

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Miri – research agenda overview

Machine Intelligence Research Institute – Our new technical research agenda overview Interesting paper, and it seems to me that much of it just misses some very basic issues. One sentence on page one states: “In light of this potential, it … Continue reading

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On consciousness, awareness and truth

Question of the Day, October, 5-6, 2015, experience and conscious awareness What is the intrinsic nature of experience and conscious awareness? Thanks for the expansion Bhatta, and even with the expansion, there are so many assumptions in this question that … Continue reading

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