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Places to see

Joie de Vivre If tapping your heels together three times would instantly transport you anywhere in the world—different from your current location—for a 3 week holiday, where would you go? Hi Laurie Glad you enjoyed the trip and good to … Continue reading

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Longfin Eels

Longfin Eels campaign on facebook It’s not the commercial hunting that is the major factor in decline, that is being managed reasonably well. The major factor is the loss of wetlands. We just did an inventory of wetlands in the … Continue reading

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Money cartoon – comments added!

On Ailsa’s Facebook Page – Cartoon of a man with a stick tied to his back, with a string tied to a wad of money, running hands outstretched towards the money, with an open grave unseen ahead. I just can’t … Continue reading

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A practical way to increase the likelihood of living a long time in good health and fitness

THE MAJOR MOUSE TESTING PROGRAM Donate money at the link above Here’s something practical that seems worth putting a little cash towards. Another link explaining what is going on Video I don’t often suggest putting real cash into things, this … Continue reading

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Homo-economicus vs biological adaptation

What Milton Friedman Got Wrong: Biologists Destroy Homo-Economicus Homo-economicus vs biological adaptation Agree entirely with the general thrust of this article, and evolution is much more complex than even this article explicitly acknowledges. Fitness of any phenotypic trait is something … Continue reading

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Intellect on Spiritual Path?

May 22-25,’16 ~ QofDay~ Intellect On Spiritual Path How does the human intellect play a part in one’s spiritual path? What do you think of the following excerpt? Agree, disagree, have further thoughts on it? Please share. “The intellect is … Continue reading

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Saying No

May 16-21,’16 ~QofDay~ Say No Comfortably You have to say no to a lot of good things In order to be able to say yes to a lot of great things. Can you say NO and not feel uncomfortable ? … Continue reading

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John Searle – Google Talk

John Searle: “Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence” | Talks at Google John Searle gives a very interesting talk. He starts with some definitions: Distinctions – subjectivity and objectivity Epistemic and ontological confusion Epistemology – knowledge Ontology – existence At 5:01 states … Continue reading

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Global Citizen

Why did you become a global citizen? There are lots of reasons to become a global citizen. What’s yours? Back in 1974, as I completed my undergraduate biochemistry studies, it became obvious that indefinite life extension was possible. It seems … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Social justice and economics

Leading Libertarian Says Social Justice Is a Cause and Effect of the Great Enrichment Solving the deepest puzzle of the social sciences This article is quite good as far as it goes, but (as others have noted) it leaves out … Continue reading

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