August 2022
Alive and well, standing for Mayor of Kaikoura.
Ailsa and I both Stuff article – received QSMs at New Year for our services to conservation.

28 October 2021 – alive and well.   Kaikoura sitting under fog today – like yesterday.
The slowness of central systems to respond, and the oversimplifications they make of complex systems concerns me.    The 3 Waters reforms seem an entirely inappropriate response to a very real and very complex situation.
The information ecosystem of society is broken.   It is far deeper than just Facebook, and Facebook does make it obvious to many.
Fundamental change to economic, political and legal systems is required.

19th May 2016 – 6years on – going strong – post on the day with photo.

14th July 2015 – 60 years young! 😉
A few aches and pains, and otherwise going well.
A whole lot healthier than most others who got a terminal cancer diagnosis 5 years ago.
Thanks to a plant based diet and lots of vitamin C and a good helping of good old fashioned determination.

19th May 2015 – 5 years on – alive and well

Did this presentation 5 days ago:
my TedTalk at the Kaikoura Health expo

15 June 2014

Nursing a broken collarbone after tumbling off my mountain-bike, but otherwise well.

6th November 2013

Feeling like possibly I have too many fingers in too many pies.
List of current roles:
Husband (staying)
Father (staying)
president Kaikoura Boating Club – don’t do much boating at present
president NZ Recreational Fishing Council – don’t rec fish any more
member Our Fishing Future establishment committee – as above – interested in management
treasurer Te Korowai o te Tai o Marokura – Kaikoura coastal guardians – still love this place and its ecology
chairman Kaikoura Zone Water Committee – again love the ecology and people of this place
minutes secretary Kaikoura branch Forest and Bird – as above
CEO Solution Multipliers NZ Ltd – have to have some money somehow – have some substantial work I need to schedule in quickly
member of Kaikoura Golf Club – love playing golf, gets me out of the house, but need to give it a break to let my sternum heal.
active in No Drill Kaikoura – because I assess the risk reward ratio for deepwater drilling in this seismically active zone is just too high – it is too dangerous – but not to those making the profits
active at A New Gaia website creating seeds of new possibity for humanity
member of Lifeboat Foundation – mitigating existential risks to humanity
plus running my own sites – this one,, and the Te Korowai site

Think it is getting time for a change. I need a bit more space in my life.

January 2013
Home from a holiday in central Otago and feeling good.

December 29th 2011

Feeling good.

Back a little sore, probably spending too much time in chair on keyboard, rather than out doing things.  Over a week since I was last on the golf course.

Got through the christmas period without breaking diet this year – now over a year as a strict vegan.

I am using salt normally – on the no salt diet my blood pressure got so low that I was fainting too often, and I decided the danger from hitting my head on something sharp as I fell, far outweighed anything else.   I never have had high blood pressure, always low, got down to 80/60.

Still asking myself big questions about future directions.

Let’s see what answers the new year delivers.

September 25th 2011
Feeling great. Had a CAT scan two days ago, no results yet – expecting them Friday, and feeling good anyway.
Played 4 under my handicap at golf today – even with taking 4 hits to get out of one bunker.
Jewelz seemed to have a great time in Brisbane, looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow night.
Rain on the roof right now, nice to be inside and out of it.

July 25th 2011

It’s snowing outside (we’re at 300ft above sea level, and this is unusual), the fire is going, and it is warm inside. Feeling great!

September 26th 2011
Just got an email from my oncologist:
“Hi Ted

I’m awaiting the formal report but have had a quick look at the scan myself – it looks good, certainly the liver lesions visible last year have resolved and I can’t see any obvious evidence of melanoma deposits elsewhere. I’ll call you when the formal report is through (hopefully Wednesday).

Kind regards

David Gibbs

Yee HAAAAAA!!!!!

Happy Ted!!!!!!!!

July 24th

Feeling good. No further signs of tumours at this point.
Sticking to the Vit C regime of 2g at least 5 times a day.
Still strict vegan.
Have started using salt again, and blood pressure has recovered. Got to a low of 80/65 in Jan (after 8 months without salt) – was fainting a lot. Feeling strong again now.

Ailsa’s broken leg is giving me lots of cooking and housework.

May 23rd

Still alive and kicking.

Found a little lump on my left shoulder on 12th March, went to local GP on 15th March and he cut it out – about the size of a pea.  Histology report showed it was spindle-shaped melanoma cells.

I had eased up on the Vitamin C, but am now back on Vitamin C at least 3 times a day.

Feeling good, even as the temperatures start to drop.

Not free of it it seems, but as long as I keep the vitamin C up, it seems that I can keep it in check.


As at 17 Feb 2011 I am feeling well.

My last checkup was on January 18th, at Christchurch public Hospital, by my surgeon (Stewart Sinclair) and there was no sign of any cancer.

It seems like I may be free of it.

6 Responses to Status

  1. missy says:

    Ted, it has been some time since I have been in contact and the news of your cncer came as a bit of a shock. However it is interesting to note your course of action. You may recall that Edward’s mother was very much into diet as a way of controlling disease. She also recommended high doses of vitamn c and the se of apricot kernels. As this was in the early eighties I am surprised that it is still taking some people so long to cotton on to the idea of using diet as a way to controllng health.
    Dare I say it I have been vegetarian for over thirty years now and though I don’t claim to be in perfect health I certainly have avoided some of the problems faced by other members of my family and which the probability of genetics say I should also have.
    Any way I am pleased to hear of your status and hope you continue to make progress.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Penny.
      Yes, I recall Jean feeding me vitamin C by the tablespoon.
      At the time I didn’t have much incentive to investigate.
      It took staring down my own impending mortality to get me to seriously look again at diet.
      Take care.


  2. Rosanne says:

    How’s it going since you upped your Vitamin C dose? Hopefully things are good! But, if you still think peroxide might benefit you but are unable to take it because it’s too harse on your throat, I found a couple other routes that might be more easily tolerated. Here’s a link to one route where someone sprayed 3% peroxide in their nares and reportedly cured themselves of prostate cancer. But I also heard of someone mixing peroxide with non chlorinated water and putting it in a vaporizer at night. Just a thought that you might want to inverstigate. I’m still convinced of its efficacy. My last MRI results showed the lesion was completely gone in my liver and peroxide was my only treatment. I think the same result is possible for you.
    Best wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rosanne

      The Vitamin C plus vegan diet seems to be working for me.
      I have had two lots of tumours while sticking to the diet, and both happened while I was on low Vitamin C.
      Since March I have maintained a minimum of 5g of Vit C a day, and most days closer to 15g.
      No further tumours.

      I’ll stick with this regime for a while, and see how it works, and keep the Peroxide as a backup if I have further trouble.

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  3. Rosanne says:

    Ted, I haven’t been checking in as often as a should be I guess. Congratulations on your fantastic news!! Keep up the good work. I am doing great as well. Hugs, Rosanne

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lynette Bell says:

    Hi Ted & Ailsa
    Many thanks for having a chat with my daughter & I on Saturday. Just great to know that I am on the right track, just need a little more disapline. Please give our love to Ailsa. Will keep in touch. Many thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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