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Critique of Sam Harris on Free Will

Sam Harris – The Case Against Free Will Published on 24 Apr 2017 Sam couldn’t be more wrong, yet at the same time much of what he says is close enough to true. Cause and effect is limited. Simply saying … Continue reading

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Hardest thing done

June 13-17, ’17 ~QofDay~ Hardest Thing Which is the hardest thing you had to do and why? A really challenging question. How to judge the many different dimensions of hard against each other? One really difficult thing was killing a … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Future of work

The Future of Work, Robotization… The Future of Work, Robotization, and Capitalism’s Ability to Generate Useless Jobs The value of your work should not be determined by your paycheck. Yes there are complex issues. Population size is a complex issue. … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Hayek meets information theory

Hayek Meets Information Theory. And Fails. Modern economic theories of prices-as-information are seventy years out of date. This post is kind of useful in the way it portrays information theory reasonably well. This post is very poor in its presentation … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Bad biology

How Bad Biology is Killing the Economy The flaws in the competition-is-good-for-you logic Part of the picture, and many of the issues raised here by others like DWAnderson, No More Neos, Matt Beaven and others are valid enough in a … Continue reading

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Technological Singularity

A serious assessment of the Technological Singularity RAG – People seem to confuse intelligence with personality and emotionality. They are three different things and involve three different behavioral traits. I think it is much deeper than the notion of “trait” … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson – Biblical series 3

Biblical Series III: God and the Hierarchy of Authority Posted this comment Mostly great – with one significant error at 1:34:40 – “there is not an infinite number of solutions” – that is probably wrong. There probably is an infinite … Continue reading

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