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New Year Plans

31 Dec ’14 :Todays Q: New Year Plans What would you like to see happen in your life in 2015? I would like to see the idea of universal abundance and security start to gain some serious traction. I want … Continue reading

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Transvision Review – update Jan 11

Transvision review: the social angle to transhumanism David Wood’s exceptional report on the November 2014 Paris Transvision meeting Enjoyed the presentation. At 1:52:18 one of the participants made the statement that “There is nothing wrong with the market”. He couldn’t … Continue reading

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Buddha bowl

Buddha Bowl What’s your recipe for a healthy new year? Hi Laurie Your meal sounds great. I don’t usually have quite as much greenery as you, and I do have a large white porcelain bowl about the same dimensions as … Continue reading

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Memorable events in 2014

29 Dec ’14 :Todays Q: 2014 As this year draws to a close, what do you think have been the most memorable events for you of 2014? Ailsa’s Dad died. We did a 4WD trip from Ward to Marfell’s beach. … Continue reading

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28 Dec ’14 :Todays Q: SANTA, Fact or Fiction? Did you believe in Santa as a child ? Do you remember how you found out the “truth” about Santa ? What do you believe about Santa now? A friend with … Continue reading

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27 Dec ’14: CONVERSION Since time immemorial history is littered with accounts of conflict between individuals or groups arising out of an apparent faith based moral imperative to convert or, at times, eliminate those with a different interpretation of their … Continue reading

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26 Dec ’14 BEAUTY Consider this quote: “Beauty is terror. Whatever we call beautiful, we quiver before it.” (Donna Tartt) What is ‘Beauty’? Is beauty an illusion, a construct of our mind or is it perhaps a fleeting glimpse into … Continue reading

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