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Free Will – once again – a problem with Trick’s postulate

Common Intuitions about Free Will (and how it needs to be defined) Hi Trick, If the universe were deterministic in the hard sense, then you would be correct in your deductions. But that does not appear to be the case. … Continue reading

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First Principles

First Principles ‘It cannot be when the root is neglected that what should spring from it will be well ordered.’ Bruce Lee The vast majority of the game of life is played internally. This can be perceived quite easily if … Continue reading

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AI Arms Race

Artificial intelligence is now an arms race. What if the bad guys win? Like others here have noted, the problem has been around a long time, and I for one have been thinking about it for over 40 years. The … Continue reading

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Errors and Risk

A tool to debug “black box” deep-learning neural networks Researchers at Columbia and Lehigh universities have developed a method for error-checking the reasoning of the thousands or millions of neurons in unsupervised (self-taught) deep-learning neural networks, such as those used … Continue reading

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Project for Progressive Ethics – Ethical Framework

Current Model for the Ethical Framework (Multi-part) Hi Dil & team, I have a suite of issues with the proposed ethic of “[i]Do what you wish, unless of course you experience some doubt about the ethics of what you intend. … Continue reading

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Next platform Problems

The Next Platform There are real issues in the above. Block chain is hugely computationally complex. At present a maximum of about 1,000 additions per second are possible – not enough for a global system of exchange or trust. Something … Continue reading

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Laurie’s Blog – Lighten Up

Laurie’s Blog – Lighten Up What was the last physical item you offloaded? I got rid of one vehicle that I was never going to restore to operation recently. Have two others that I agreed someone could have, but they … Continue reading

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