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More thoughts on what we are

Been doing a bit of posting in Ning the last couple of days, and ignoring this blog. This series started with Hi Star, Darrell, Torch, Nahnni, Mark, Mike and others Some really great stuff in this thread, and it … Continue reading

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Interesting Encounter

Last evening I took the pup (Huia) for a run (about 1.5km) and went to visit another bloke with melanoma nearby. His started in his back about 7 years ago, and is now throughout his abdomen. We each talked about … Continue reading

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Brief update 24th August 2010

Hi All It is weird, but suddenly I have a lot of work on. Feeling really good. Starting to get used to this vegan diet, and actually starting to enjoy some of it. Really good news from the updated lab … Continue reading

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Lab report on Tumours

Here is the full lab report from my scan on Monday: Patient: Howard, Thomas E¬†Subject: X-Ray Date 02 Aug 2010 Reference: stgeorge 3034389X-RAY: This report is for: Dr C. Henry Referred By:Dr C HenryULTRASOUND UPPER ABDOMEN 02/08/2010 Reference 3034389¬†INDICATION:Three hypoechoic … Continue reading

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Just a quick blog. Sitting in the carpark outside Southern Cross Radiology Group in Beally Ave Christchurch. Just had a scan, and one of the tumours seems to have gone completely, another is significantly smaller, and the third is about … Continue reading

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