Interesting Encounter

Last evening I took the pup (Huia) for a run (about 1.5km) and went to visit another bloke with melanoma nearby. His started in his back about 7 years ago, and is now throughout his abdomen.
We each talked about our own cases, and the things we had done.
Toward the end I asked him if he was prepared to give the RAVE vegan diet a go, and he said he didn’t think he could.
I asked him if he wanted to live. and he said “Yes”. And then he reiterated that he didn’t think he could do the diet.

While we were talking another common friend (Steve) called in, and it was interesting how both of the others referred to every meal by the major meat in it, it was pork or chicken or venison or grouper, or mussels, or whatever. Neither made any reference to the vegetable content of the meals.

Looking back I probably did the same.

Very interesting, how the cultural conditioning of language about diet is so strong that it overrides the desire for life in individuals.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see
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4 Responses to Interesting Encounter

  1. Ted – I so appreciate your observation, “… it overrides the desire for life in individuals.”

    I encounter people who say they really want to live, but aren’t willing to do a thing about it.

    Thank you for this excellent post!


  2. Thanks for the insight Ted!!

    It remind me of my hubby!
    His father dies in our arms from melanoma and do you think my hubby will stay out of the sun! He is a little cautious but probably should do more.
    I am waiting to see if you persuaded them??

    Ok Laurie, I’m listening too….(Smile)



    • Hi Kim
      The only advice I have is what the melanoma specialist I spoke to 3 months ago (David Gibbs) told me, which is that the latest research tends to indicate that the susceptibility to melanoma (in so far as it is affected by sun exposer) is fixed by exposure prior to puberty (ie forget your husband, look out for the kids and grandkids until they’re about 15).

      So, provided your husband is not burning himself to the point of peeling skin on a regular basis, he is probably doing himself more good (from vitamin D production in sunlight) than he is harm (by miniscule increases in the possibility of melanoma).

      If melanoma (or any cancer is a serious risk factor in his family {I get it from both sides}), and he doesn’t already have any tumors, then it seems that limiting animal protein to no more than 10% of total diet (ie 90% fruits and vegetables) is about the best thing he can do (both for cancer and heart disease) – fresh, organic fruits and veges are best, and non organics are better than meats. Avoid using any oils or fats in cooking, and keep all milk products to a minimum (zero is best).
      That is the condensed version of about 500hrs of reading over the last few months.



  3. At this point it is kinda mixed in that his idea of keeping it at bay is going to the 5erm for check ups…although this good…treating the source is important.

    He does have it in his family and has always be a farm boy at heart and also loved fishing and especially golf!

    He has been taking my daughter and son o th Derm
    as well.


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