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Free Will – once again – a problem with Trick’s postulate

Common Intuitions about Free Will (and how it needs to be defined) Hi Trick, If the universe were deterministic in the hard sense, then you would be correct in your deductions. But that does not appear to be the case. … Continue reading

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Free Will – Trick’s Graphic

Free Will Continued A response to Trick’s graphic If you have read much of my writing, you will know that it seems very likely to me that we live in a universe that has both lawful and random aspects, and … Continue reading

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AI Arms Race

Artificial intelligence is now an arms race. What if the bad guys win? Like others here have noted, the problem has been around a long time, and I for one have been thinking about it for over 40 years. The … Continue reading

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Most important ideas for our survival

What are the most important ideas for our future survival? 1/ Understanding evolution – at least enough to understand that cooperation is more important than competition in the creation of complexity. Competition leads to simplicity, cooperation allows for complexity to … Continue reading

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Behavioural Economics continued – Values

further comment on Why Behavioral Economics Is Really Marketing Science reply to spaghettimonster Using the term “fight” doesn’t work for me. One cannot both hold individual life and individual liberty as values, and condemn individuals for holding values different. One … Continue reading

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Nature of Science

Nobel award for gravity waves Nature of science Science always involves hypothesis, conjecture, competing claims about properties, creation of elegant experiments to distinguish between claims; creation of ever more abstract interpretive frames within which to make some sort of model, … Continue reading

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Does knowledge kill Magic

Graham McRae asked – Does knowledge kill magic As someone who has studied and contemplated science for over 50 years, I love A C Clarke’s famous quip “Any sufficiently advances technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Life seems to be the … Continue reading

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