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Humpbacks in Bay again/still

Got up this morning to a glorious morning. Walked out on the deck wondering if there were still any whales around. The view was glorious: I looked around for a few minutes then spotted one out in front of Whale … Continue reading

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Hopes and Dreams

17 Oct ’14 ~Q of Day~ HOPES & DREAMS How would you describe your hopes and dreams for human kind and the future of our planet? Thanks FOS 😉 My hopes and dreams are for a raising of the levels … Continue reading

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How we Die: Cancer. Which cancers kill the most? Graphic doesn’t tell us as much as is needed. I was diagnosed terminal melanoma nearly 5 years ago. It started as a skin cancer, migrated to my lymph system, then established … Continue reading

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Why your hospital may be unable to prevent spread of Ebola If it was me in charge, I would be requesting anyone with flu like symptoms to go to one specific room, by a specific door and I would ask … Continue reading

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Humpback whales in bay

For two consecutive days I have seen humpback whales breaching in the bay below our house. Yesterday I saw one whale breach, but didn’t have a camera with me. Did take the camera out and get quite a few grainy … Continue reading

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Why Rescue?

15 Oct ’14 ~Q of Day~ Why Rescue? Some people living a spiritualized perspective struggle with whether or not it is good to intervene in the life of another person. Why do we rescue ? What has “good” got to … Continue reading

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Most marvelous thing seen

14 Oct ’14 ~Question of the Day~ Marvellous What’s the most marvellous thing you have ever seen with your own eyes? Cannot give a single answer: Ailsa A meteor so bright that I watched it for about 12 seconds at … Continue reading

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