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Shouting Doesn’t Help Navigation Hi Laurie, You and Len have very similar issues to Ailsa and I. Ailsa doesn’t think in 3D. She is an atrocious navigator. I read what you wrote that Len said, and I constructed a 3D … Continue reading

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CSER – Opening session questions

Rowan Douglas – Opening Session Part 2 – CSER A comment on You tube At About 1:02:10 Claudia makes the statement “In public decision making, you don’t get far without having to account for the fact that the cause of … Continue reading

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Laws that baffle?

Jan. 13-16,’17 ~QofDay~ Laws or Social Rules Are there any laws or social rules that completely baffle you? Baffle me, no. I have a very active imagination, and can usually imagine some possible set of scenarios by which any rule … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Post capitalism

Evonomics – Solving the Crisis of Extractive Capitalism A new post-capitalist ecosystem of value creation This is an aspect of the systemic issues facing us, but only a small aspect. Economies are very complex, many levels, many different functions, many … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson – tribalism and cooperation

My [Jordan’s] New Year’s Letter to the World Hi Jordan, I call myself an atheist, yet I align with much of your thinking. A few quibbles with what you have written here. Agree with you that tribalism is a problem, … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson on science and religion

Jordan Peterson – Reconciling Science and Religion Hi FOS, I find myself agreeing with most of what he says, just not quite with his definition of science. I can see where his definition of science conflicts with his notion of … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Freedom and Responsibility

Some thoughts on Freedom and responsibility These thoughts have been roused by a series of recent events. A recent conversation with the new leader of the local runanga (pre european inhabitants) in which he declared that they were withdrawing from … Continue reading

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How understanding valence could help make future AIs safer-continued A reply to Mike’s reply Hi Mike, Having been through several conscious loops of over-riding and reconfiguring “valence” at many levels (in training for deep diving, in training for survival in … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Enlightenment continued

An additional comment in the longest running ideapod discussion on Enlightenment Agree that clarity does not necessarily require a lot of words, and nor can clarity be achieved by simplifying below the level of complexity present and relevant to the … Continue reading

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My Xmas facebook message

My Christmas facebook message Happy and prosperous times Everyone! I am not religious, and all my understandings relating to reality are probability based. And I am very clear about the outcome spaces of complex systems and complex strategic sets – … Continue reading

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