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July 29-31,’16 ~QofDay~ Learned From Your Curiosities What have you learned from your own curiosities from your past? Just about everything I find useful to me I have learned as a result of my curiosity. I get curious about something, … Continue reading

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July 25-28,’16 ~QofDay~ Superstition Do you have any superstition? A superstition is something believed in fear or ignorance that is not accurate. Which leads on to the definition I most like “a superstition is only a superstition when it is … Continue reading

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Our view of Evolution

The fundamental lie in the popular view of evolution! For many people, their understanding of evolution is contained in two phrases: Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” and Huxley’s “Nature red in tooth and claw”. Both of those ideas can be … Continue reading

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On Gratitude and Death

On Gratitude and Death a two part post by James Radcliffe Hi James A lot in what you write, and a few assumptions in there that seem to me to be major limitations on the classes of possibility that may … Continue reading

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Healthy life extension

Scenarios for the future of healthy life extension Great presentation David. The one critical aspect you didn’t raise, is on the logic of life extension (your page 43). If you think about it from a “cell’s eye” view, then all … Continue reading

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Personalised plates

Smiling in Boise If you have personalized license plates, what do they say? Hi Laurie, For my 40th, Ailsa got me the plates BEARFT Those plates have been on several different vehicles, mostly 4WDs, over the last 21 years. Because … Continue reading

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History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump I wrote this essay mainly to organise thoughts in my head, and to share them with others. I understand your two articles were “opinion pieces”, and I note your … Continue reading

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