Lab report on Tumours

Here is the full lab report from my scan on Monday:

Patient: Howard, Thomas E 
Subject: X-Ray Date 02 Aug 2010 Reference: stgeorge 3034389
X-RAY: This report is for: Dr C. Henry Referred By:
Dr C Henry
ULTRASOUND UPPER ABDOMEN 02/08/2010 Reference 3034389 
Three hypoechoic liver lesion suspicious of metastatic disease seen on the previous ultrasound scan.
Sonographer performed ultrasound abdomen
Comparison with the previous scan from 12/05/2010.
Liver segment 2 lesion measures 4.6 x 5.6 mm (previously 6.2 mm).
Liver segment 6 lesion measures 12 x 13 mm (previously 14 mm).
Liver segment 7 lesion not visualised.
No new lesion.
No intra or extrahepatic bile duct dilatation..
Stable appearances compared with the previous ultrasound.
Dr Chris Day (FRCP. MRCS) Radiologist/ps

This study has been reviewed after discussion with the referring
The dimensions given for the lesion in segment 6 are correct. On the
previous study performed 12/05/2010 this lesion was measured at 14 mm
but incorrectly reported as measuring 10 x 9 mm.

Dr Peter Henderson FRANZCR Radiologist.

(Correction of previously transmitted results)

Ordered by; CHRIS HENRY
Lab Test Results Interpreted by: CHRIS DAY
Laboratory: stgeorge
Observation date: 02-Aug-2010

Dr Peter Henderson FRANZCR Radiologist.

The original report is in the about section of this blog.
I note that they have revised upward the size of the original lesion – the addendum now explains that this was due to an error in the original report.

About Ted Howard NZ

Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) with reasonable security, tools, resources and degrees of freedom, and reasonable examples of the natural environment; and that is going to demand responsibility from all of us - see
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13 Responses to Lab report on Tumours

  1. Ted – this is completely, totally, and wonderously good news. It appears to me that teapots, do indeed, orbit the moon 🙂


  2. Great News…
    As Laurie would say,”My fists are pounding in joy for you…Keep up all your hard work.


  3. Thanks Laurie & Kim
    The hard work continues.
    I just drank 3 large glasses of a mix of carrot, apple and beetroot juice, blended with 4 leaves of kale and a handful each of mung and alfalfa sprouts. Bitter, and down.
    I am pushing many probability functions, and seeking new functions to work on.

    looks like it may be a long journey.


  4. L-O-N-G is the operative word. Much, much better than the alternative 🙂 I’m so happy for you!


  5. Ah Ted good news… Nice Work my friend:))))

    Keep going. Sending warm healing energy in your direction.

    Like the great blue heron I photographed over the sea It may appear to be alone. Yet I was there. And so was the sea. And the sky. And the shore… witnessing. Holding the space where the great bird flew.

    May you greet each day with possibility. Terrill


    • Thanks Terrill

      Seem to be doing OK at creating space for possibility to manifest at present.

      Nice Heron shot. We have a tree just across the road from our house where a couple of pairs of herons nest and raise their young. They are a magnificent bird.



  6. Barbara says:

    Hi, Ted — I am so happy to be reading these results. Three cheers and a huge clapping of hands!


  7. Ted – It’s been a while since you posted a blog. Just touching base to say HOWDY 🙂


    • Hi Laurie
      Just did a quick post.
      Thanks for the thoughts.
      Spring is arriving here – with all the work that brings – particularly when one has a vegan diet, and wants to go fully organic.
      The next few months will likely be very busy, and the next week very very busy.
      Catch up soon


  8. This is good news, indeed! Thank for letting me know. I’ll visit your new blog post shortly. Len just pulled in the driveway.

    Your spring, means our fall — and it’s on it’s way. Fall is my favorite time of year 🙂


  9. Jim Kryzak says:

    Ted, Great to see those results. I am in my 2nd week of 6 in Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments. I am reading up on macrobiotics and alternatives.


    • Hi Jim
      After 3 weeks of solid reading I went for – which is strict vegan, lots of juice, no oils, no sugars. The first 8 weeks were not easy, and now it is much easier. I do a juicie of 3 carrots, a beetroot, an apple, a pear, and then put that in the blender with handsful of whatever sprouts I have going (usually alfalfa, mung beans and buckwheat), plus kale, broccoli or whatever is around, and in the evening add in raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry(frozen – for their anti angiogenic properties). Then sip it slowly until gone.
      Other than that, home made bread, with avocado or almond butter instead of butter, and tomato or papaya. Breakfast is usually a cup of rolled oats soaked in water then with the juice of an orange squeezed over it, or blended with a big handful of spinach. Snacks of fruit and vege whenever I feel like it, lots of nuts (almonds, brazils, hazels, walnuts, ). Eating as much raw green stuff as I can. Frozen peas make a nice snack, getting through about 3lb a week.

      I am still taking 10g Vitamin C daily(2x5g), Apricot kernels (2 x 8 morn & eve), Essiac Tea (3 tbls spoons 3 times a day), CAA mineral supplements (once a day), and revenol (twice a day).

      Other than that, exercise.
      Making sure I move at least once an hour, and do some stretches.
      I hand grind my flour for making my daily loaf of bread, that is about 15 minutes of aerobic exercise, do about 20 minute workout with the old bullworker first thing in the morning, then walking the dogs, and now in training to climb a 7,200 ft mountain later this month (doing circuits up and down the hill to the beach – 320ft vertical).

      I also do quite a bit of mind work, visualising building an energy ball on the breath in, and then focusing that energy toward my liver and visualising the tumours shrinking away to nothing.

      I have lots of people praying for me (which is a little odd for an athiest like myself, and I appreciate the intent), and a few people doing distance reiki, and I carry a crystal that Laurie sent me in my left trouser pocket whenever I have trousers on.

      I am not sure what, if anything in this combination is working, but nothing is doing me any serious harm, and the tumours are getting smaller – even the largest one was 40% reduced in volume at the last scan.

      I honour you Jim – be strong (Kia kaha)
      Arohanui (Aroha = Love nui = great or big)


  10. Jacky Mclaren says:

    Ted Ted Ted, a true reversal of fortunes. The impossible is possible, but then, you’ve always believed in possibilities, probabilities and a whole lot of other stuff I just politely nod at. May the trend continue, thinking of you always, xx


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