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Seems like I might be a cancer survivor. Thinking about the systemic incentives within the world we find ourselves in, and how we might adjust them to provide an environment that supports everyone (no exceptions) - see

Open AR Cloud

Open Augmented Reality Cloud Hi Jan and team, I see some merit in the general thrust of your approach, but also some fundamental issues. For me, any system must be based upon a clear hierarchy of values. For me, … Continue reading

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Quora – science and falsification

Quora – Why is it important in science that we design and perform tests capable of falsifying a hypothesis? There are infinite classes of conjectures that cannot be disproven, and as such they are not useful in the sense of … Continue reading

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Quora – Steps to a sustainable world

Quora – What steps need to be taken for a completely sustainable world? What do you mean by sustainable? What is being sustained? Why? Some people have tried to build a system that promotes and sustains competition, at the cost … Continue reading

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Quora – how would we know if we were an experiment

Quora – How would we know if we’re an experiment in artificial intelligence? Quite a few different ways of interpreting this. Have you ever used google? If yes, then you are part of such an experiment. At the broader scale, … Continue reading

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Quora – research area to progress

Quora – Which area of scientific research would you like to see progress? One stands out above all others – nano scale manipulation of matter. The mining and manufacture of material at the atomic scale. When we get that, then … Continue reading

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Quora – AI and life expectancy

Quora – How can AI lead to increased life expectancy? In several different ways. AI systems can help us analyse the data from complex and uncertain biochemical experiments, and allow us to see new levels and pathways of connection that … Continue reading

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James – Buddhism, Seneca, …

Buddhism, Seneca, and Tyler Durden Nice one James. So much truth in what you wrote. We are serfs to an idea of value based in scarcity. When most things were genuinely scarce, the idea that markets measured a good proxy … Continue reading

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