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Quora – increasing lifespans

What’s the most interesting research going on right now for increasing life span? I suspect Ray Kurzweil knows the answer to that, but he seemed to quite intentionally not answer the question that Peter Diamandis asked him on that subject … Continue reading

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Spinoff Survey

Spinoff survey 17. What’s happening in your world? Are there any stories, ideas, trends etc. you think we should be covering? Lots. Recovering from the Kaikoura Earthquake. Following AI and Existential risk communities internationally. Trends/Ideas: Resilience/ preparedness for major disaster … Continue reading

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Daniel’s generator functions of existential risk

Daniel S’s generator functions of existential risk All (human induced) existential and catastrophic risks are symptoms of two underlying generator functions: 1. Rivalrous (win-lose) games… 2. Complicated systems subsuming their complex substrate…. Sorry Daniel, but the thesis is wrong. Yes … Continue reading

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Close call – big rock got close

Copied from Spaceweather – 16 April 2018 Near miss by a rock about 100m wide – and we only saw it one day out. With little warning, a relatively large asteroid flew through the Earth-Moon system on April 15th only … Continue reading

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Risk and the digital revolution

Chris Milne’s facebook post on this The really crazy thing, is that Kodak actually invented the digital camera, they just didn’t think it would be a real thing. They used their linear intuition, rather than exponential mathematics, to chart probable … Continue reading

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Character of Technology – nature of risk

The Character of Our Technology “We can’t influence the direction of technology, but we can influence its character,” says Kevin Kelly Excellent piece John, but from my perspective it does not explicitly address the three major areas of concern: 1/ … Continue reading

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Put up a new Page above – Risks and responses


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