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Quora – AI good or bad

Is artificial intelligence good or bad? As many others have noted, in and of itself, AI is neutral, for as Shakespeare wrote, there is nothing either good nor bad but thinking makes it so. It all depends what our individual … Continue reading

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Quora – what hinders progress

What hinders AI conquering academic research given the incredible progress as demonstrated? What makes you think it has been hindered (as distinct from the economic and social pressures against reporting such progress)? And it is a very highly dimensional “game … Continue reading

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Quora – arguments not evidence

Is “arguments are not evidence” actually a thing in science? Hardy Jonck gives a good answer, and like most things, the answer to this question is highly context sensitive. Everyone has to start out with simple understandings. Everyone has to … Continue reading

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Deep Code – Jordan Hall

Technological Unemployment – is this time different? | Deep Code Experiments: Episode 13 Jordan Hall – Neurohacker collective Hi Jordan, Late comer but enjoyed the series largely up to this point, but this video seems to miss the major issue … Continue reading

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Quora – what idea explained would alter the world

What’s one scientific concept (if properly explained) that would improve everyone’s understanding of the world? Evolution. Everyone thinks it is all about competition, but that is less than half of it. When considering complex systems (like ourselves) it is far … Continue reading

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Quora – greatest danger to the world

Quora – What is the greatest danger to the entire world today? Our unexamined assumptions and oversimplifications that we accept as truths, rather than seeing them as contextually useful approximations. Arthur C Clarke once said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is … Continue reading

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Quora – life extension

Quora – If you are a promoter or pursuer of radical life extension, what steps are you currently taking against your own senescence? Doing whatever it takes to stay alive. Vegan diet. High dose vitamin C. B12 supplements. Multimineral and … Continue reading

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