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Response to a call to ban vehicles on beaches

4WDs destroying threatened coastal bird habitat Response to F&B facebook Post [ 5/12/20 ] The damage caused by ignorance is huge. A total ban seems over the top to me, and actually counter productive. What we need is a requirement … Continue reading

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Response to the NZ declaration of a climate emergency

Response to Climate Emergency declaration. [ 3/12/20 ] I accept point 1 “declare a climate emergency, following the finding of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that, to avoid a more than 1.5Β°C rise in global warming, global emissions would … Continue reading

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Discussion of risks of technologies

Data for praying mantis mitochondrial genomes and phylogenetic constructions within Mantodea [ 24/11/20 ] I found the paper disappointing in the lack of discussion about implications of the work. What they did was use several different techniques to look at … Continue reading

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Risks of AI

How might advanced AI systems, if deployed carelessly, permanently cut off human civilization from a good future? [ 16/11/20 ] Easy – deploy it into a competitive market environment. It will win. Humanity will lose. The future of humanity demands … Continue reading

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Biden – climate science over lunar exploration

Lifeboat Foundation link to SpaceNews report that Biden administration expected to emphasize climate science over lunar exploration at NASA. [ 13/11/20 ] If anyone is really serious about managing the earth’s climate over the long term, then getting manufacturing technology … Continue reading

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Solving climate change

Quora – Is the climate redeemable? Assuming there was political will, could humanity fix it if we started now? If so, how? [ 16/9/20 ] The answers by Paul Eshelman and Robert Knight are both wrong, and climate change is … Continue reading

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Quora – Is there any hope for humanity? Is there no chance to save the human species and is there no way to continue as a species? [ 16/9/20 ] Yes – most certainly there is hope, and there is … Continue reading

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Governance, evolution and AI

When and if artificial intelligence gets to the point that it’s indistinguishable from sentient beings, how will humans know who governs them? [ 14/9/20 ] Why would anyone want to be governed by any external agent? What do we mean … Continue reading

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Spinoff – Vesuvius and other risks

Comment to Spinoff on Vesuvius article [ 11/9/20 ] The Vesuvius-Pompeii article does not just apply to Auckland, it applies to most of the North Island. Last time Taupo erupted (which was more recently than Vesuvius), it essentially sterilised most … Continue reading

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Why longevity?

[ 9/9/20 Lifeboat Foundation Facebook Page – Eric Asked “Why do you want an unlimited lifespan?”] Having a personal stake in long term security seems to be the easiest way to ensure long term viability of complex systems. I already … Continue reading

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