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Comments on a Facebook post by Sam Mahon

Dam Mahon’s Facebook post of a letter to David Caygill A good read Sam, and from my perspective contains both shared values and incompleteness. I’ve known David Caygill, Richard Prebble and Roger Douglas for over 30 years, not bosom buddies, … Continue reading

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AI and my issues with the Asilomar AI Principles

ANG – AI-Robotics continued – 23 principles for AI safety Reference to Hawking Musk endorse 23 principles for AI safety I have no reasonable doubt that AI will be sapient at some stage. I have a lot of issues with … Continue reading

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Doomsday Clock

What is the Doomsday Clock and why should we keep track of the time? The Doomsday Clock was shifted on January 26, 2017 from three minutes to midnight to a new setting of two and a half minutes to midnight … Continue reading

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Project for Progressive Ethics

Post in Project for a progressive Ethics Message on Meetup Hi Dil Having had a 7.8 earthquake here a few months back, haven’t logged in in a while, so just got to see your message. Can’t find any place to … Continue reading

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Ideapod – response to “Stop trying to change the world”

Stop Trying To Change The World Disagree with the thesis on a couple of levels. I love the Margaret Mead quote “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing … Continue reading

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Religion and war

Why Do Religions Teach Love and Yet Cause So Much War? Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/wellness/2004/06/why-do-religions-teach-love-and-yet-cause-so-much-war.aspx#W84mQ7qZzRhZ5yGg.99 Transcending the trauma to get to the truth of the world’s faiths. Kind of, sort of. It seems to me that it is much more … Continue reading

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Feb. 11-13,’17 ~QofDay~ Intolerance Intolerance: What are your thoughts about it? For me, there are two core values – individual life, and individual liberty, in that order. The value of life demands a respect for the lives of all others, … Continue reading

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