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Evonomics – von Hayek

How Hayek’s Evolutionary Theory Disproves His Politics While I agree that Hayek had some profound insights, and that the information aspect is important, and the complex adaptive systems aspects are important, and that Fred raises two good points, I still … Continue reading

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Tom’s Facebook post on Unity

Tom’s facebook post on Unity Kinda, almost Tom. We seem to be many levels of pattern – about 20 of them. We seem to be based in matter, in the patterns of matter and energy within us, as well as … Continue reading

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AI Arms Race

Artificial intelligence is now an arms race. What if the bad guys win? Like others here have noted, the problem has been around a long time, and I for one have been thinking about it for over 40 years. The … Continue reading

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MILE – living a long time

Movement for Indefinite Life Extension Scenario question – time travel to live a long time Time seems to be a local phenomenon – thus time is travel not an option. And I will do what it takes to generate the … Continue reading

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Errors and Risk

A tool to debug “black box” deep-learning neural networks Researchers at Columbia and Lehigh universities have developed a method for error-checking the reasoning of the thousands or millions of neurons in unsupervised (self-taught) deep-learning neural networks, such as those used … Continue reading

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JBP – Free Will

JBP – Free Will Philosophical question. Background: I listened to a podcast of Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson. As we know – Sam Harris says that free will doesn’t exist and Jordan Peterson is in opposition to that. I was … Continue reading

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Oct 23 -30 ’17 ~QofDay~ Privacy Is privacy a right? A really complex question. Too much privacy becomes a serious danger to social cooperation, as it allows cheats to avoid detection. Too little privacy and individual liberty is seriously at … Continue reading

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