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Comments to Peter Joseph on reading the introduction to his new book

Peter Joseph’s new book – The New Human Rights Movement Introduction and themes Hi Peter, Agree with you Peter that the issues are structural, and they are far deeper than the introduction gives any indication of. Several aspects to those … Continue reading

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AI and my issues with the Asilomar AI Principles

ANG – AI-Robotics continued – 23 principles for AI safety Reference to Hawking Musk endorse 23 principles for AI safety I have no reasonable doubt that AI will be sapient at some stage. I have a lot of issues with … Continue reading

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Money Guide

The Truth About Your Future: The Money Guide You Need Now, Later, and Much Later New York Times bestselling author and legendary investment guru Ric Edelman reveals his forward-thinking guide on how technology and science will reshape the way we … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Economic paradigms

Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and Charles Darwin: A New Economic Paradigm The Piketty debate exposed the dysfunction in economics Interesting article as far as it goes, and I agree with all of Swami’s additions, and even when those are included, … Continue reading

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Ideapod – response to “Stop trying to change the world”

Stop Trying To Change The World Disagree with the thesis on a couple of levels. I love the Margaret Mead quote “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing … Continue reading

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Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Universal Basic Income Accelerates Innovation by Reducing Our Fear of Failure Failure is not an option. Failure is the goal. And fear of failure is the enemy. UBI is a possible element in a transition strategy. Evolution is an amazing … Continue reading

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Religion and war

Feb. 7-9,’17 ~QofDay~ Religion Why does religion cause so much war? A lot in Judi’s post that I fundamentally align with: our need for stories, the need for universal cooperation, the depths of complexity present, the fundamental uncertainties we face. … Continue reading

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