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Quora – Natural Selection – Altruism

Is natural selection more than fitness? Is there truly altruism due to the similarity of a species’ genes? Natural selection is simple in a sense, and it can rapidly get profoundly complex. Natural selection is about the differential survival of … Continue reading

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Quora – Source of variation

What causes variations among individuals of the same species? Get a modern text book on biochemistry, and another on computational theory, and start reading. There seem to be an infinite class of possible causes of variations, chemical, behavioural, environmental, in … Continue reading

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Thoughts driving home from meeting Richard Dawkins in Christchurch

Attended Richard Dawkins event in Christchurch, and had a short conversation with him at the meet and greet afterwards These are transcriptions from 3 recordings made driving home Saturday morning, while driving home, listening to a lecture on the development … Continue reading

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Quillette – Internet complete?

Quillette – Is the Internet Complete? The internet is not complete, cannot be, ever. And it will ever more closely approximate it, just as science (at its best) is continually becoming less wrong (though unlikely to ever be “right” – … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Superorganism and Ultrasociality – Updated 23 April 2018

New Ecological Economics: Superorganism and Ultrasociality All are too simplistic. Evolution starts simple, and rapidly gets complex. The two major modalities present in living systems are competition and cooperation, and both are usually present, in various context sensitive mixtures. Competition … Continue reading

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Economics – D

Social Vaccine Feb 2018 – 17/ “Ubiquitous Psychopathology” with Daniel Schmachtenberger Actual interview with Daniel Schmachtenberger Message sent to Scott Andrew following listening to the interview above. Hi Scott, Very much align with many aspects of what you and Daniel … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Embracing Change

Ideapod – Embracing change Darwin Quote: It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. Yes, and what that quote does not address directly is … Continue reading

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