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Climate Change and y Malcolm Roberts

[ 13/September/22 Dirk posted a link to a speach by Malcolm Roberts] This guy is either ignorant or is outright lying for purposes unknown. Look at the data:https://gml.noaa.gov/ccgg/trends/There is clearly a reduction in the increase in CO2 due to recession, … Continue reading

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Mandates question

[ 21/August/22 Question from Sharon on Mandates. Kia ora, over the last 3 year period, many community men and women lost their jobs, businesses affected, were shut out of the Council building, shops, suffered ridicule, were discriminated against, treated as … Continue reading

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Rules for Liberty

Rules for Liberty [ 27/July/22 Dirk Posted Matt Kibbe’s postRules for Liberty Not quite that simple. One more essential rule: If you don’t, and folks that want to take your stuff cooperate, then you lose! [followed by Dirk … “Cooperation … Continue reading

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Queen’s Jubilee costs

[ 25/May/22 a Post claiming celebrations for QEII were going to cost 38,000 per family.] It’s 38 Pounds – not 38,000. A meal each. [followed by 26 May] Michael WebberNot a monarchist. I am a fan of individual responsibility, but … Continue reading

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Freedom and responsibility again

More on freedom and responsibility [ 7/May/22 Dirk posted a meme image of Obiwan Kenobi with the title “When your libertarian friend starts talking abouthow we need to take th epower of the State and use it for good” – … Continue reading

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Laws, understanding, choice

Laws of physics [ 25/Feb/22 Wojtek Karas quoted J. Warner Wallace:“Physical brain failure”the laws of physics;mental conditions are subject tothe laws of logic. Those who are the ones whothink there are mental conditionsPure physical, represent oneLogically contradictoryPoint of view. To … Continue reading

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Disobey [ 14/January/22 Dirk reposted and Introduction to liberty post – Disobey – They don’t want to know what you think because they strictly choose what you need to think.Don’t ask permission from anyone who doesn’t want to give it … Continue reading

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Response to Daniel S and others on Freedom and Choice

Daniel Posted – On the nature of choice, creativity, karma, and dharma Have you looked at https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/how-a-flawed-experiment-proved-that-free-will-doesnt-exist/ [ 12/January/22 Daniel Responded – Yes, I appreciate the work Alfred Mele did on this topic.] For me, it is critical to understand … Continue reading

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Free Enterprise

If the entire planet were to switch to the equivalent of a free enterprise for everyone, how long would it be before everyone feels the prosperity? [ 29/November/21 ] What do you define as “Free Enterprise”? If you mean a … Continue reading

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Daniel S – a problem well-stated.

Daniel’s Facebook post about A Problem Well-Stated Centre for Humane Technology – 36 – A Problem Well-Stated Is Half-Solved You tube version [ 29/September/21 ] I like that way of presenting the necessity of freedom having responsibility, by presenting the … Continue reading

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