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What attracted me to Act?

What attracted you to Act in the first place? For me, classical liberal values of individual life and individual liberty, combined with pragmatic reality of the need for responsible action in ecological and social contexts. Add in to that the … Continue reading

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Max Tegmark’s Book – Life 3.0 – bought it this morning – Updated 21 Sept 2017

Will AI enable the third stage of life? In his new book Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, MIT physicist and AI researcher Max Tegmark explores the future of technology, life, and intelligence. … In summary, … Continue reading

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JBP Study Group – What is Post Modernism? and other things.

JOrdan Peterson Study Group – What is Post Modernism I have no problem with the postmodern rejection of *TRUTH*. Evolution seems to work with probabilities and heuristics (things that are near enough to something to be useful in practice). It … Continue reading

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Science of sex differences

The Science of Sex Differences Is Complicated (and Biased) There‚Äôs a lot of discussion about the problematic Google manifesto, and one of the issues brought up is the science of sex differences. Yes it is complex. Yes there are many … Continue reading

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Feedback sent to Google

Feedback sent to Google. The recent firing of James Damore over his production of the Ideological Echo Chamber paper seems to me to have pushed the organisation over that boundary into “evil”. For the first time since Google started, I … Continue reading

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Evonomics – complexity

Two Big Questions About the Job Guarantee: God, Devil, and the Details Progressives have these questions. Others will too. So many dimensions to the complexity of this question. Aside from the one I continually raise, the idea that markets are … Continue reading

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Evonomics – How economics can free itself

Evonomics – How Economics Can Free Itself from Religious Dogmatism Pure theory made economics more remote from day-to-day reality. A lot in what Rapley writes, and a lot more in what Daniel Krynicki writes below, and as what one might … Continue reading

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