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ANG Freedom

May 20- May 27 ’18 ~QofDay~ Freedom What is “freedom”? Are animals freer than humans? The question “what is freedom” is one of the most profound questions I have approached. In approaching a topic this complex, it is often useful … Continue reading

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Some more of my thoughts on the nature of Free Will

This is just getting rediculous. It really is complex. Perhaps if we ignore the mechanisms, and just look at the higher level concepts for a bit, it may help. What can freedom mean? Biology tells us that we are very … Continue reading

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Free will continues – still no shared understanding

Trick and I continue the free will debate NO Trick It really is far deeper than that. It really does go deeply to the nature of interaction, the ability of systems to influence, rather than to be seen as hard … Continue reading

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Thoughts driving home from meeting Richard Dawkins in Christchurch

Attended Richard Dawkins event in Christchurch, and had a short conversation with him at the meet and greet afterwards These are transcriptions from 3 recordings made driving home Saturday morning, listening to a lecture on the development of Greek philosophical … Continue reading

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Free will with Trick continues

Free will again. Things got heated, and it looked like the debate on Trick’s site would be effectively closed. Anyone interested can follow the links below, and see which comments Trick has chosen to publish, and which he withheld, and … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Democracy failing

Ideapod – democracy is failing Gaurav asked – “Then tell me the best way to govern” What do you mean when you use the term “govern”? Do you mean it in the sense of a governor on a diesel motor … Continue reading

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Comment to Giovanni on values

Giovanni shared Mike Watson’s Post on Facebook – but the post and all comments have since been removed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1620190871547616/permalink/2144900672409964/ Good question Giovanni Santostasi When one reads Plato’s Republic it is easy to see at least two levels present, and a … Continue reading

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