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Laurie – Labyrinth Walking

Laurie’s Blog – Labyrinth Walking Laurie asked: What question or prayer would you contemplate on a labyrinth walk? For me, the question would be the same one I have been asking since 1974: What sort of social, political and technical … Continue reading

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Human Nature – Evolution and morality

WHAT CAN EVOLUTION TELL US ABOUT MORALITY? Its always survival of the fittest, but what does fit mean? Evolution is always about survival of the fittest, what can change profoundly is the nature of the “landscape” within which “fitness” is … Continue reading

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Ideapod- Decency 2.0

Ideapod – Decency 2.0 may require letting go of corrupt morals This is a really complex issue. There are so many nuances of meaning to both selfishness and decency that make it a far from simple set of issues. It … Continue reading

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