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Climate Change and y Malcolm Roberts

[ 13/September/22 Dirk posted a link to a speach by Malcolm Roberts] This guy is either ignorant or is outright lying for purposes unknown. Look at the data:https://gml.noaa.gov/ccgg/trends/There is clearly a reduction in the increase in CO2 due to recession, … Continue reading

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A sliver of reality

AEON – A sliver of reality [ 8/September/22 Science and mathematics may never fully capture the physical universe. Are there hard limits to human intelligence?] David H Wolpert writes:“What can I ever know about that which lies beyond the limits … Continue reading

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Greatest human at present

Who is the most superior human being on Earth right now? Why do you think so? What makes him/her so special from others in your opinion? [ 22/August/22 ] Elon Musk. He has made electric vehicles at scale a reality. … Continue reading

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Great Transition Initiative (GTI) forum

Response to Opening essay for GTI Forum The Population Debate Revisited – Ian Lowe [ 17/August/22 ] I have been seriously exploring the space of survivable strategic/economic/political/technological environments since the early 70s.Some of my recent writings are collected at https://tedhowardnz.wordpress.com/IContinue reading

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Treasury Guest seminar – Anita Chandra

Treasury Guest Lecture: Building Resilience and Advancing Well-Being at the Community Level [ 10/August/22 In this seminar, Anita Chandra describes some of the key issues in measuring and investing in well-being, with particular attention to the intersection of resilience and … Continue reading

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Lex and Ryan Graves – UFOs Aliens

Ryan Graves: UFOs, Fighter Jets, and Aliens | Lex Fridman Podcast #308 [ 3/August/22 ] Very interesting – as usual. Two errors present. The idea that there will always be war, is not survivable. The idea of resource competition leading … Continue reading

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Camus and the dangers of Truth

[ 3/August/22 ] Some truth in that – and in the context of the evolution of strategic systems that survive; there is a place for simplification of contexts under stress. If there really are agents willing to kill you, then … Continue reading

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Comment’s on the Uplift/Norn discord channel

Comment’s on the Uplift/Norn discord channel [ 31/July/22 ] As I see human intelligence operating, every function, every element of logic or emotion or whatever, has some degree of random search instantiated within it, as well as some set of … Continue reading

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Rules for Liberty

Rules for Liberty [ 27/July/22 Dirk Posted Matt Kibbe’s postRules for Liberty Not quite that simple. One more essential rule: If you don’t, and folks that want to take your stuff cooperate, then you lose! [followed by Dirk … “Cooperation … Continue reading

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Nuclear power

Nuclear power [ 24/July/22 ] Yes – of course, there is a lot more energy in the bonds of the nucleus than in those between electrons. And the real situation is deeply more complex. To get 1Kg of U235 typically … Continue reading

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