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Ailsa’s post of things to throw away 50 things to throw away for instant decluttering Many things in there that need to go, many duplicates – some things that I’d rather keep. Some old books are worth keeping. Some old … Continue reading

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Free Will again – Trick thread continues

Trick’s Free will site again rom ask – how does chaotic molecular behaviour give us free will Hi rom, It all comes down to the nature of the freedom involved. I acknowledge that form requires boundaries. I acknowledge that communication … Continue reading

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Product of the world

March1-7 ’18 ~QofDay~ Product of the World/Society Do you believe you are a product of the world and/or society? Has it really been a month since I visited? – Seems so. So much happening here in Kaikoura. And this is … Continue reading

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DNA Blueprint

DNA Blueprint Have you ever had your DNA tested to discover the breakdown of your ancestry? Hi Laurie, To answer your direct question – no, have not had an ancestral DNA mapping done, yet. And DNA is interesting at so … Continue reading

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Singularity 1on1 – interview with David Wood

Futurist David Wood – Singularity 1 on 1 Comments to a debate David and I have been having for quite a few years now. Well done David and Nikola, and as usual 😉 – a few quibbles. The multiverse interpretation … Continue reading

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Mental Illness

Ideapod – is oversimplification of mental illness useful By definition, over simplification is not useful. And reality seems to be so complex, that our experiential models of it must be a simplifications to some degree. So we must acknowledge that … Continue reading

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In Shadow

Ideapod – In Shadow A great little image of modern life – if you are prepared to look within to the unpleasant aspects of self, and see through them to the greatness that is also present. The author’s website – … Continue reading

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