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Thoughts driving home from meeting Richard Dawkins in Christchurch

Attended Richard Dawkins event in Christchurch, and had a short conversation with him at the meet and greet afterwards These are transcriptions from 3 recordings made driving home Saturday morning, while driving home, listening to a lecture on the development … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Values

CI 2.0 governed by meaning and evolutionary values Hi George, It doesn’t appear to me that our existing crises are in any significant way a manifestation of intelligence verses emotions, the situation appears far more complex than that; and seems … Continue reading

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Qora – shocking proof

Quora – Shocking proof What scientific theory do you think will be proven wrong and shock the scientific world? Or what new scientific theory will shock us all? For me, the implicit assumptions behind the question are themselves disproved. In … Continue reading

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Free will with Trick continues

Free will again. Things got heated, and it looked like the debate on Trick’s site would be effectively closed. Anyone interested can follow the links below, and see which comments Trick has chosen to publish, and which he withheld, and … Continue reading

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Quillette – Internet complete?

Quillette – Is the Internet Complete? The internet is not complete, cannot be, ever. And it will ever more closely approximate it, just as science (at its best) is continually becoming less wrong (though unlikely to ever be “right” – … Continue reading

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Quora – fungi in multicellular organisms

Quora – What are fungi in multicellular organisms called? Depends entirely what they are doing there. They can be working cooperatively with the organism, in which case they can be somewhere on the spectrum of symbiotic associations; or they can … Continue reading

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Quora – Libertarian philosophy

Quora – Why is the Libertarian philosophy unpopular? Libertarian philosophy is not a singular thing, like most things it is a spectrum that can be extremely complex. Most people seem to think of Libertarian philosophy as the extreme end of … Continue reading

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