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Origins of life on Earth

Sigurd shared – “Is life a bizarre fluke or is it a cosmic imperative”? Paul Davies on the Origins of Life Checked out both links. It is highly unlikely that we will be able to determine exactly how life started … Continue reading

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Toxic masculinity and the Patriarchy

In response to a post by Will on Toxic Masculinity and the Patriarchy Completely agree with you that toxic masculinity needs to be removed where ever it can be. And there are deep issues hiding in this idea. It is … Continue reading

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July 22-29 ’18 ~QofDay~ Learning What is the most important part of learning? As usual, Bhatta asks questions of infinite depth. In one sense there is a simple answer: To keep on doing it. And there is a paradox present. … Continue reading

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ANG – What am I here for?

July 30 – August 6 ’18 ~QofDay~ Here For What on Earth am I here for? This is one of those internal/external locus of control questions. To me there cannot be any simple answer to any such question. There is … Continue reading

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7 years from last tumour

A rather significant anniversary today – 7 years since the last tumour was cut from my shoulder. When the histology came back it said the margin wasn’t clear, and wider excision was recommended. By that stage I was confident that … Continue reading

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ANG Cause of the month – Fisheries Management

ANG Cause of the Month – Fisheries Management Hi Dale – thanks for that (I think?) 😉 I made a comment on my facebook page this morning, which both Dale and Deb noted. Fisheries are really complex topics. Scientists can … Continue reading

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7 years since being “terminal”, 5 years since 2% survival!

A Special day today – 7 years since being given a 2% chance of living 2 years, 5 years since passing that 2% mark. In the world of cancer, 5 years survival is considered cured (even if you are full … Continue reading

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