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The Hard Problem of Consciousness revisitied

Why The Hard Problem Of Consciousness Won’t Go Away   This attempt at communication is most unlikely to succeed, and I will give it my best shot. In my understanding – the qualia of experience are accounted for, as the … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Markets – again removed.

Why the Economics Of “Me” Can’t Replace the Economics Of “We” Beyond the market vs. state duality I agree with aspects of what you say, and not others. You stated “The economic problem is not markets per se.” which is … Continue reading

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29 Jan to 1 Feb ’16 ~QofDay~ Politics What do you think of the politics/political leaders(s) of your country? I think politics in New Zealand is probably similar to politics everywhere else, except that New Zealand is so small, that … Continue reading

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Another email conversation with Marc

Another Email conversation with Marc [Marc] Speaking of which (the delay in your reply to my last message), I don’t know if I’m simply seeing what I want to see, but I’ve become aware that when you write about individual … Continue reading

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Echos of Orewa

Frank Newman: Echoes of Orewa Hi Frank, I was one of the original ACT candidates, and stood 3 times. I classify myself as a classical liberal, in the sense that I hold respect for individual life and individual liberty as … Continue reading

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Computer wins at Go

Google machine-learning system is first to defeat professional Go player Agree with several that it is a very impressive achievement. It seems that at recursive levels – all understanding comes as the result of experience, so the technique is recursively … Continue reading

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Australia Day

26-28 Jan ’16 ~QofDay~ Australia Day Can Andrew, Hawkeyez and if there are others could you please say something about your own experience or opinion of Australia Day? Can the rest of us please respond to this? Kiwi’s and Aussie’s … Continue reading

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Bald is beautiful

Bald is Beautiful When you “look up” in your neck of the woods, what are you likely to see? Hi Laurie, Last year Kaikoura was host to an international conference on seabirds. Most of the scientists present agreed that Kaikoura … Continue reading

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Improving and Accelerating Innovation

Improving and Accelerating Innovation from a Strategy Perspective Two questions. 1 If you are into strategic thinking, in the deepest of senses of games theory and complexity theory and computational theory, the sense of the exploration of strategy sets most … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand

Wait but why – Dinner table – Thoughts on Ayn Rand? [Reply to response by CR444] Agree. Had she been aware of Axlerod’s work on games theory, John Maynard-Smith’s work on multiple stable state equilibria, Lin Ostrom’s extensions to both … Continue reading

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