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Hutton’s Shearwater

A facebook post from Kaikoura Notice board 22nd March 2018 Fledging season for Kaikoura’s endangered Hutton’s shearwater/titi For most of those birds crash landing, it is their first flight, ever. They spend about 3 months in a dark burrow underground, … Continue reading

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Scientific attitude

It seems to me that even more than what you are researching, it depends upon what you think the scientific attitude is. To me, the scientific attitude is one of eternal questioning, and eternal reliance on the evidence of experience … Continue reading

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Quora – Natural Selection – Altruism

Is natural selection more than fitness? Is there truly altruism due to the similarity of a species’ genes? Natural selection is simple in a sense, and it can rapidly get profoundly complex. Natural selection is about the differential survival of … Continue reading

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June 3-10 ’18 ~QofDay~ Purpose Thanks Shar – a really great collection of images and thoughts to start with. Thanks Mendy Lou for the question and your response. For me, this is one of the deepest questions possible. For about … Continue reading

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Riding the rails

Riding the Rails Where was your best-ever hiding place? Hi Laurie, My best ever hiding place for hide and seek as a kid, was in the cupboard over the top of the hot water closet in a house we rented … Continue reading

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Quora – Source of variation

What causes variations among individuals of the same species? Get a modern text book on biochemistry, and another on computational theory, and start reading. There seem to be an infinite class of possible causes of variations, chemical, behavioural, environmental, in … Continue reading

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ANG Freedom

May 20- May 27 ’18 ~QofDay~ Freedom What is “freedom”? Are animals freer than humans? The question “what is freedom” is one of the most profound questions I have approached. In approaching a topic this complex, it is often useful … Continue reading

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Some more of my thoughts on the nature of Free Will

This is just getting rediculous. It really is complex. Perhaps if we ignore the mechanisms, and just look at the higher level concepts for a bit, it may help. What can freedom mean? Biology tells us that we are very … Continue reading

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Free will continues – still no shared understanding

Trick and I continue the free will debate NO Trick It really is far deeper than that. It really does go deeply to the nature of interaction, the ability of systems to influence, rather than to be seen as hard … Continue reading

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