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Qora – shocking proof

Quora – Shocking proof What scientific theory do you think will be proven wrong and shock the scientific world? Or what new scientific theory will shock us all? For me, the implicit assumptions behind the question are themselves disproved. In … Continue reading

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Quora – fungi in multicellular organisms

Quora – What are fungi in multicellular organisms called? Depends entirely what they are doing there. They can be working cooperatively with the organism, in which case they can be somewhere on the spectrum of symbiotic associations; or they can … Continue reading

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Quantum biology

Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology Revisited Came back to this thread by a round about way, and read it again. What you see as consciousness, I see as systems. Cells know where they are … Continue reading

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Free Will again – updated 21 Dec

A Response to a Blog: This Atheist Believes in Free Will Trick Slattery’s Blog has a 500 char limit that I only encountered after writing 10,600 characters – so my response is here, and only a link to it there … Continue reading

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Nature of Science

Nobel award for gravity waves Nature of science Science always involves hypothesis, conjecture, competing claims about properties, creation of elegant experiments to distinguish between claims; creation of ever more abstract interpretive frames within which to make some sort of model, … Continue reading

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Foundations of Logic -knowledge, truth, science

Foundations of Logic thread On a more GENERAL level: can science aspire to be a type of activity that pursues KNOWLEDGE (and that also ACQUIRES it reasonably often), and, at the same time, accept that its claims and theories are … Continue reading

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Science of sex differences

The Science of Sex Differences Is Complicated (and Biased) There‚Äôs a lot of discussion about the problematic Google manifesto, and one of the issues brought up is the science of sex differences. Yes it is complex. Yes there are many … Continue reading

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