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Free Will again

A Response to a Blog: This Atheist Believes in Free Will Trick Slattery’s Blog has a 500 char limit that I only encountered after writing 10,600 characters – so my response is here, and only a link to it there … Continue reading

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Does knowledge kill Magic

Graham McRae asked – Does knowledge kill magic As someone who has studied and contemplated science for over 50 years, I love A C Clarke’s famous quip “Any sufficiently advances technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Life seems to be the … Continue reading

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Foundations of Logic [Continued]

Foundations of Logic continued Hi Andrei Mirovan Consider this view for a moment. Prior to the formal discovery of the most simple instance of possible logics (what we may call classical logic) the terms know, and knowledge referred to a … Continue reading

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Automation in the information age

Posthuman Network – Automation post Video – The rise of the machines Automation in the Information Age is different. True enough, but not deep enough. The problem isn’t automation, it is how we measure value. The use of markets made … Continue reading

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Evonomics – How economics can free itself

Evonomics – How Economics Can Free Itself from Religious Dogmatism Pure theory made economics more remote from day-to-day reality. A lot in what Rapley writes, and a lot more in what Daniel Krynicki writes below, and as what one might … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Future of Work

Evonomics – The future of work, robots etc, continued Continuing a long running discussion Hi Brian, Kind of, and it is more complex than that. I don’t have much money now – less than $10K. And all that I have … Continue reading

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The question of God

Chris Hitchens debates William Lane Craig Warning – I see no evidence to support the God hypothesis, and the arguments below dismantle all of Craig’s arguments. Over the last 5 weeks a group of theists and atheists have met 4 … Continue reading

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