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Quora – Have you ever been against recognised theories?

As a scientist, have you ever been against a recognized scientific theory? Which theory was it and why were you against it? Yes, many. One example – gradualism in evolution. It was clear to me in logic and statistics that … Continue reading

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Foundations of Logic – consciousness

Foundations of Logic Facebook group. “Why?” questions = infinite regress. “How?” questions = infinite progress. Turtles all the way down in a sense, but that sense is unreal. Our best understanding of consciousness from an evolutionary perspective is that perception … Continue reading

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Evonomics – 4 definitions of money

Four Definitions of Money. All Correct. Understanding what we mean by the most important word in economics. Economic notions need deeper exploration of the idea of money. When it was coin, much of the value present in money was embodied … Continue reading

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July 22-29 ’18 ~QofDay~ Learning What is the most important part of learning? As usual, Bhatta asks questions of infinite depth. In one sense there is a simple answer: To keep on doing it. And there is a paradox present. … Continue reading

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ANG – What am I here for?

July 30 – August 6 ’18 ~QofDay~ Here For What on Earth am I here for? This is one of those internal/external locus of control questions. To me there cannot be any simple answer to any such question. There is … Continue reading

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Facebook exchange with Tom on causality and understanding

In response to a facebook post of Toms that included “: if we assert there is a cause for something, we have to, by implication of that assertion, find the cause for causation also. I mean, if cause, where did … Continue reading

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Some more of my thoughts on the nature of Free Will

This is just getting rediculous. It really is complex. Perhaps if we ignore the mechanisms, and just look at the higher level concepts for a bit, it may help. What can freedom mean? Biology tells us that we are very … Continue reading

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