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Quora – evidence for evolution

What is the strongest evidence for evolution to show the creationists that they are wrong? The question is invalid in a way that few yet understand well. Jordan Peterson gets much closer than most (both of his books are worth … Continue reading

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Scientific theories

Quora – What is an example of a scientific theory? How is a scientific theory developed? While Glen’s answer captures many important aspects of what the scientific theory is and how the process works, it also misses many aspects. I … Continue reading

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Vit C – in a Skeptics group

A post in NZ Skeptics group – in response to Mike asking about vitamin C I got sent home to die 8 years ago – palliative care only – terminal melanoma. I radically changed my diet (now strict vegan, no … Continue reading

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Assault on ethics

The Assault on Ethics I seriously question the use of the term “the natural struggle for power”. As someone who has had a strong interest in the reality and logic of evolutionary biology for over 50 years, the common notion … Continue reading

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What are the similarities and differences between philosophy and science? In the broadest sense, there is no difference. Philosophy is the love of wisdom. Wisdom is understanding reality (which includes ourselves) and the most powerful ways of relating to it. … Continue reading

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What do we call a thief in science?

What do we call a thief in science? Lots of different answers possible – a small selection: A thief is someone who takes something of value without permission. That can happen in any walk of life. One can make a … Continue reading

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Culture bound?

Culture-Specific Pathology: Biological v. Psychological Basis A Discussion of Culture-Bound Syndromes My own experiences of having been sent home “palliative care only” with a diagnosis of “terminal melanoma” (that was over 8 years ago, have been over 7 years tumour … Continue reading

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