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Equinox – Balance

23 & 24 Sept 2015 – Equinox Time The balance of day & night is celebrated today, what opposites do you balance in your daily life? So many different ideas in this question? What is balance? Does balance require opposites? … Continue reading

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Mindful Consumption

Question of the Day, Sept 18-19-20, 2015 Mindful consumption, “We as the human species have a responsibility to all beings, to the earth, and to future generations to be mindful of our cravings and our negative overconsumption habits. My hope … Continue reading

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Is there an end to your journey?

Question of the Day, Sept 21-22, Is there an end to your journey? Andrew asked: It is good to have an end to journey toward, But it is the journey that matters in the end. – Earnest Hemingway Do you … Continue reading

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Sci Show – Upload your mind

SciShow – How to Upload Your Mind Love most of your work, but in this specific case, actually your opening statement is incorrect. Most cell lines do not show age related deterioration of function. Most life forms are single celled, … Continue reading

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Ideapod – We are Earth

Ideapod – We are Earth – whether we like it or not It seems clear that the earth, nature, doesn’t care, isn’t aware, simply is. The fossil record clearly shows at least 5 major extinction events, that caused most species … Continue reading

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Overcoming Fear

#259 – September 16th – Overcoming Fear Hi Deb I like Frank Herbert’s Benegeserit Litany against fear: “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will … Continue reading

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Cheese and whine

Cheese and Whine I’m absolutely confident that each of you is a model passenger so I won’t ask about your travel phobias. Instead I’ll ask… Where did you go on your last getaway? The last real get away that Ailsa … Continue reading

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