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Role of Money

What Role Should Money and Markets Play in a Good Society? My Answer – as little as possible! Sorry – doesn’t get a pass mark from me – misses the two most fundamental issues of our time. 1/ Markets measure … Continue reading

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Gun Violence

Cause of the Month, July 2016: Dealing with Gun Violence Gun Violence Anything can be a weapon. The issue isn’t the weapons, the real issue is the ways of thinking. One of the worst of those ways of thinking is … Continue reading

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How Empathic?

June 27-30,’16 ~ QofDay~ Empathetic as a Person How empathetic are you as a person? I have no doubt that many different sorts of social animals have a form of empathy that is similar to aspects of our own. I … Continue reading

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Artificial Synapse

Artificial synapse said to rival biological synapses in energy consumption and function Interesting work, and good energy efficiency, and it is a very long way from mimicking a human synapse. We have identified about 60 biochemical modifiers of synaptic response … Continue reading

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Water under the bridge

Water Under the Bridge How much water has passed under your bridge? Hi Laurie, Nice pic – would give my vertigo a hard time I think. Quite a bit of water under my bridge. Be it in terms of physical … Continue reading

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Rhythm in philosophy

A Reference Guide for Rhythm in Post-Hegelian Philosophy Interesting catalogue of historical ideas on rhythm. The notion of god seems improbable to me. The idea of rhythms, regularities, is fundamental in a modern understanding of reality. It is in the … Continue reading

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June 24-26,’16 ~ QofDay~ Acquire Curiosity What would you desire to acquire in your curiosity? This is such a dimensional question. Judi explores one aspect of that dimensionality beautifully. An aspect that seems to occur to me as the vast … Continue reading

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