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Role of Money

What Role Should Money and Markets Play in a Good Society? My Answer – as little as possible! Sorry – doesn’t get a pass mark from me – misses the two most fundamental issues of our time. 1/ Markets measure … Continue reading

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Gun Violence

Cause of the Month, July 2016: Dealing with Gun Violence Gun Violence Anything can be a weapon. The issue isn’t the weapons, the real issue is the ways of thinking. One of the worst of those ways of thinking is … Continue reading

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How Empathic?

June 27-30,’16 ~ QofDay~ Empathetic as a Person How empathetic are you as a person? I have no doubt that many different sorts of social animals have a form of empathy that is similar to aspects of our own. I … Continue reading

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Artificial Synapse

Artificial synapse said to rival biological synapses in energy consumption and function Interesting work, and good energy efficiency, and it is a very long way from mimicking a human synapse. We have identified about 60 biochemical modifiers of synaptic response … Continue reading

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Water under the bridge

Water Under the Bridge How much water has passed under your bridge? Hi Laurie, Nice pic – would give my vertigo a hard time I think. Quite a bit of water under my bridge. Be it in terms of physical … Continue reading

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Rhythm in philosophy

A Reference Guide for Rhythm in Post-Hegelian Philosophy Interesting catalogue of historical ideas on rhythm. The notion of god seems improbable to me. The idea of rhythms, regularities, is fundamental in a modern understanding of reality. It is in the … Continue reading

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June 24-26,’16 ~ QofDay~ Acquire Curiosity What would you desire to acquire in your curiosity? This is such a dimensional question. Judi explores one aspect of that dimensionality beautifully. An aspect that seems to occur to me as the vast … Continue reading

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Intelligence and robotics

Real-time robot-motion planning All activity, all intelligence, rests in finding new levels of effective context sensitive heuristics that work in practice at near real time. No one can work anything from first principles in real time. All any of us … Continue reading

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Contradictions – Ideapod

Contradictions How do you make sense of the contradictions that you have in your life versus values? Keep asking questions, questioning assumptions, until the contradictions resolve. In this case, become clear that yes, money is needed to live in today’s … Continue reading

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Blockchain (Ideapod)

The winning Blockchain Revolution contest (compound) idea Agree Bill. Blockchain seems to be to be the antithesis of trust, and about the most inefficient use possible of computational power. Self signified distributed trust networks are much more powerful. After watching … Continue reading

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