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Comment to The Portal 001 – Eric Weinstein and Peter Thiel

You Tube – Peter Thiel on “The Portal”, Episode #001: An Era of Stagnation & Universal Institutional Failure. Technologist and Investor Peter Thiel is the guest as he joins Eric Weinstein in the studio Some really great stuff, and much … Continue reading

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Quora – What is humanity’s greatest achievement?

Quora – What do you think humanity’s greatest achievement is? Moved to – What is man’s greatest achievement of all time? Beginning to understand the role of cooperation in the evolution of complexity (orders of magnitude more important than competition).

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Quora – creating AI

Is it possible for an intelligent being (such as a human) to create something more intelligent than the most intelligent human? As many others have stated, it depends on how one defines both “create” and “intelligence”. Evolution as a process … Continue reading

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Divisive Times

James R – Divisive Times Right now we are living through divisive times. People have separated into groups that seem far apart in many respects. There is a lot of friction. … Friction creates energy. If you rub two sticks … Continue reading

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Metaphysics and Truth – Robert again.

Foundations of Logic – Muhammad asked “Is metaphysics possible?” Robert replied – “Yes, of course” LOL. This explains completely why Robert & I can agree about very little. For me, it seems clear from evidence that metaphysics as it is … Continue reading

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Deb – Rights

Deb’s Facebook post “Some important questions that need answering about constitutional rights and exceptions and decidedly gray areas – [1] If you favor exceptions for rape and incest, “life begins at conception” isn’t a hard and fast rule is it? … Continue reading

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A post on Deb’s Facebook page Hi Deb, Agree that where patriarchy exists in and of itself it needs to be demolished and replaced with more open systems. And not everything (or even most things) are the result of patriarchy … Continue reading

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