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Oct 23 -30 ’17 ~QofDay~ Privacy Is privacy a right? A really complex question. Too much privacy becomes a serious danger to social cooperation, as it allows cheats to avoid detection. Too little privacy and individual liberty is seriously at … Continue reading

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Project for Progressive Ethics – Ethical Framework

Current Model for the Ethical Framework (Multi-part) Hi Dil & team, I have a suite of issues with the proposed ethic of “[i]Do what you wish, unless of course you experience some doubt about the ethics of what you intend. … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Say what you think

Say what you think Humans have evolved an over-the-top obsession with what others think of thema craving for social approval and admiration, and a paralysing fear of being disliked. Hi Graeme It seems to me that there is a delicate … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Jordan Peterson’s discussion with Stephen Hicks on Post Modernism

JBP Post Modernism – History and diagnosis Video of discussion between Jordan and Stephen Hicks concerning Hicks’ book “Explaining Post Modernism” 22:40 SH “Our having legitimate cognitive processes to understand the world, that is exactly what we are arguing about … Continue reading

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What attracted me to Act?

What attracted you to Act in the first place? For me, classical liberal values of individual life and individual liberty, combined with pragmatic reality of the need for responsible action in ecological and social contexts. Add in to that the … Continue reading

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Pure Altruism ?

Sept 13 – 18 ’17 ~QofDay~ Something Good for Others… Pure Altruism? If doing something good for others makes us feel good, can there ever be such a thing as pure altruism? I think it depends very much on definitions. … Continue reading

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History of philosophy

Foundations of Logic, History of Philosophy To me, the history of philosophy is interesting, as it seems to show an exploration of many different domains. It seems that as individuals we come to consciousness whenever we do, and we find … Continue reading

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