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Quora – Problems of increasing life expectancy

What problems will an increasing average life expectancy cause for individuals and society? The first thing to get, is that for most people, most of the time, not dying is a really good thing – worth all manner of “problems”. … Continue reading

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Quora NHS woes

With people living longer and putting more strain on the NHS and economy in general is higher taxation the only realistic solution? Short answer – No. Long answer, much more complex. Money, as a market measure of value, is now … Continue reading

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Quora – increasing lifespans

What’s the most interesting research going on right now for increasing life span? I suspect Ray Kurzweil knows the answer to that, but he seemed to quite intentionally not answer the question that Peter Diamandis asked him on that subject … Continue reading

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Quora – longevity

Recent findings of genetic chimerism or chimera gives us hope of longevity but do we really want to live more than 100 years? It was clear to me in 1974 (as I completed undergraduate biochemistry studies) that indefinite life extension … Continue reading

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Daniel’s generator functions of existential risk

Daniel S’s generator functions of existential risk All (human induced) existential and catastrophic risks are symptoms of two underlying generator functions: 1. Rivalrous (win-lose) games… 2. Complicated systems subsuming their complex substrate…. Sorry Daniel, but the thesis is wrong. Yes … Continue reading

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Aging issues

Cause of the Month – Issues of the Aged Continuing from last year So many dimensions to this question. We have a friend staying at present who is a teacher in our largest city. In her experience, she see’s exponentially … Continue reading

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7 years from last tumour

A rather significant anniversary today – 7 years since the last tumour was cut from my shoulder. When the histology came back it said the margin wasn’t clear, and wider excision was recommended. By that stage I was confident that … Continue reading

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