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Quora – evolution and aging

Why hasn’t evolution dealt with the inefficiency of aging? Each of the other answers address some aspect of the issue, and it is far more complex than any of them indicate. Yes, there is an aspect to it that the … Continue reading

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MILE (Movement for Indefinite Life Extension) – Death

MILE facebook page Why must we die? Why can’t we die young or live forever? What’s the purpose of life? Is death a mystery? Why must we die? No must there, just a very high probability. At present, largest contributor … Continue reading

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UBI (Universal Basic Income) Continued from last month

Continuing the UBI conversation from last month Hi Dirk, I do not understand how you get to “markets are incorruptible because there are no subjective influences in the functioning”. Culture – at any and every level is a subjective influence. … Continue reading

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Hyped up titles and life extension

This Link was posted in the facebook group Life Extension and my response was posted there Revolutions: The incredible potential of induced pluripotent stem cells This sort of hype (the title) just annoys me. This was basic and obvious to … Continue reading

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Quora – Will climate change effect Longevity?

Will climate change start to affect human longevity? If so, how? I doubt it. We have several things happening at present that few people think about accurately. We have exponential trends in computer processing power, which leads to exponential trends … Continue reading

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Future of Humanity

NZ Skeptics – What would be the most accurate, educated guesswork out there of what humanity will be like in a 1,000 years? I’m cautiously optimistic that we will survive the next 50 years (70/30), and if we manage that, … Continue reading

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Programmed Aging theories

Why are programmed ageing theories wrong? What do you mean by programmed aging? If you mean a single simple set of genes that cause all age related degeneration, then that idea is certainly wrong. If you mean the idea that … Continue reading

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