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Evonomics – How economics can free itself

Evonomics – How Economics Can Free Itself from Religious Dogmatism Pure theory made economics more remote from day-to-day reality. A lot in what Rapley writes, and a lot more in what Daniel Krynicki writes below, and as what one might … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Future of Work

Evonomics – The future of work, robots etc, continued Continuing a long running discussion Hi Brian, Kind of, and it is more complex than that. I don’t have much money now – less than $10K. And all that I have … Continue reading

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Responsibility and Risk – CSER

CSER – Professor Heather Douglas – Responsibility and Inequality in a Risky World Published on 23 May 2017 We live in a world full of emerging risk. We generate new capacities with the potential to reorder our world and we … Continue reading

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MILE – Movement for Indefinite Life Extension It’s odd to think that I started seriously promoting indefinite life extension when Zoltan was 1 – October 1974 was when I realised that from a cell’s eye perspective, every cell in existence … Continue reading

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Aubrey de Grey with Myriam Locher about the end of aging at START Summit 2017 When you look at life from a “cell’s eye” perspective, then every cell alive today sees its own history as having been alive since the … Continue reading

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Life Extension?

Eric’s Facebook post Movement for Indefinite Life Extension Can indefinite life extensions be achieved in our lifetimes? I have no reasonable doubt that we can extend lifespans indefinitely. The big questions are: Will we? Will we (as a society) devote … Continue reading

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7 years since being “terminal”, 5 years since 2% survival!

A Special day today – 7 years since being given a 2% chance of living 2 years, 5 years since passing that 2% mark. In the world of cancer, 5 years survival is considered cured (even if you are full … Continue reading

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