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Happy New Year Everyone.

7 Minutes to midnight here in Kaikoura. 2017 draws rapidly to a close. Very best wishes to all. Arohanui Ted

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Do I need to define my purpose?

Ideapod – Do I need to define my purpose? Short answer – yes. Long answer is much longer and more nuanced. I have written a lot on the nuanced complexity that seems to be the notion of free will – … Continue reading

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AI Robotics – continued

AI/Robotics – Is the End of Humanity Coming ? – continued FOS asked of 40 min – can this be accurate??? Not really, kind of. The guy makes some clear errors, and he has some things close enough to … Continue reading

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Peace Begins with Me

Peace Begins with Me Will you please join me? With pleasure Laurie. Like much of Buddhist thought, this symbol seems to me to hint at infinite depth, infinite recursion, the need for boundaries, yet the need for gaps, then senses … Continue reading

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Evonomics – The invisible hook

The Invisible Hook: How Pirate Society Proves Economic Self-Interest Wrong My Xmas morning thoughts for 2017 Very good David. Agree with most of what you wrote. The only variation of perspective I would add, is that every level of unit … Continue reading

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Upset You Years Ago

December 7 – 14 ’17 ~ QofDay ~ Upset You Years Ago Do any of the things that used to upset you a few years ago matter at all today? What’s changed? Depends how one interprets this. I can feel … Continue reading

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Free Will – Ted’s version

I’ve been responding to a lot of other people’s definitions of free will lately – here is my own: In my understanding, free will can be very real, and it is rarely (if ever) absolute. The understanding I have of … Continue reading

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