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Quora NHS woes

With people living longer and putting more strain on the NHS and economy in general is higher taxation the only realistic solution? Short answer – No. Long answer, much more complex. Money, as a market measure of value, is now … Continue reading

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Quillette – Internet complete?

Quillette – Is the Internet Complete? The internet is not complete, cannot be, ever. And it will ever more closely approximate it, just as science (at its best) is continually becoming less wrong (though unlikely to ever be “right” – … Continue reading

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Comment to Giovanni on values

Giovanni shared Mike Watson’s Post on Facebook – but the post and all comments have since been removed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1620190871547616/permalink/2144900672409964/ Good question Giovanni Santostasi When one reads Plato’s Republic it is easy to see at least two levels present, and a … Continue reading

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UBI is Inevitable Basic income is going to reach mainstream politics. This is an extremely complex issue. UBI is not in itself any sort of long term stable solution, and it may be an effective part of a transition strategy … Continue reading

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Enough Money

February 22-28 ’18 ~QofDay~ Enough Money If you received enough money to never need to work again, what would you spend your time doing? I would spend about half the year doing much what I am now in Kaikoura, and … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Superorganism and Ultrasociality – Updated 23 April 2018

New Ecological Economics: Superorganism and Ultrasociality All are too simplistic. Evolution starts simple, and rapidly gets complex. The two major modalities present in living systems are competition and cooperation, and both are usually present, in various context sensitive mixtures. Competition … Continue reading

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Character of Technology – nature of risk

The Character of Our Technology “We can’t influence the direction of technology, but we can influence its character,” says Kevin Kelly Excellent piece John, but from my perspective it does not explicitly address the three major areas of concern: 1/ … Continue reading

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