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Quora – ethical consequences of immortality

Quora – What are the ethical consequences of immortality? Don’t agree with either of the other answers. It very much depends on what you mean by ethical? For me, my chosen highest values are individual life and individual liberty, and … Continue reading

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Assault on ethics

The Assault on Ethics I seriously question the use of the term “the natural struggle for power”. As someone who has had a strong interest in the reality and logic of evolutionary biology for over 50 years, the common notion … Continue reading

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Progressive Ethics

Project for a Progressive Ethics – Current Model DESCRIPTION OF THE DYNAMIC CHARACTER OF THE ETHICAL FRAMEWORK – ITS ANALOGY TO AN IMMUNE SYSTEM Hi Dil, I don’t see it that way. For me Ethics needs to be about supporting … Continue reading

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Project for Progressive Ethics

Post in Project for a progressive Ethics Message on Meetup Hi Dil Having had a 7.8 earthquake here a few months back, haven’t logged in in a while, so just got to see your message. Can’t find any place to … Continue reading

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IEET – Poll on best ways to resist global fascism

IEET Audience Divided on Best Way to Resist Global Fascism A poll of members of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies Reality seems to be really complex, far more so than most socially accepted linguistic structures allow for. It … Continue reading

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