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Assault on ethics

The Assault on Ethics I seriously question the use of the term “the natural struggle for power”. As someone who has had a strong interest in the reality and logic of evolutionary biology for over 50 years, the common notion … Continue reading

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Progressive Ethics

Project for a Progressive Ethics – Current Model DESCRIPTION OF THE DYNAMIC CHARACTER OF THE ETHICAL FRAMEWORK – ITS ANALOGY TO AN IMMUNE SYSTEM Hi Dil, I don’t see it that way. For me Ethics needs to be about supporting … Continue reading

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Project for Progressive Ethics

Post in Project for a progressive Ethics Message on Meetup Hi Dil Having had a 7.8 earthquake here a few months back, haven’t logged in in a while, so just got to see your message. Can’t find any place to … Continue reading

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IEET – Poll on best ways to resist global fascism

IEET Audience Divided on Best Way to Resist Global Fascism A poll of members of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies Reality seems to be really complex, far more so than most socially accepted linguistic structures allow for. It … Continue reading

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