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Feedback sent to Google

Feedback sent to Google. The recent firing of James Damore over his production of the Ideological Echo Chamber paper seems to me to have pushed the organisation over that boundary into “evil”. For the first time since Google started, I … Continue reading

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Coal – the new gold???

Why we have to stop burning coal In the coming future of radical abundance of anything we have the matter and energy to produce, orbiting space stations will be a major part of our global risk mitigation strategies. There is … Continue reading

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JBP Study Group – Aesthetics

JBP study group – Aesthetics – Nonsense or important? Aesthetics seems to be one of several sets of valuation systems that evolution has embodied in us as individuals. In that sense it seems to be an important aspect of our … Continue reading

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Ideapod – Freedom, complexity, boundaries

Ideapod – Freedom The relationship between freedom complexity, strategies and boundaries We are very complex entities, with many levels of embodied systems from both genetic and cultural contexts. All new levels of complexity seem to emerge from new levels of … Continue reading

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Fake News

WHO SHOULD SHARE INFORMATION? Fake News Information which has been created in the knowledge that it is false in order to influence people; and Information which is spread in good faith that is correct but contains factual inaccuracy. Hi Joseph … Continue reading

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Critique of Sam Harris on Free Will

Sam Harris – The Case Against Free Will Published on 24 Apr 2017 Sam couldn’t be more wrong, yet at the same time much of what he says is close enough to true. Cause and effect is limited. Simply saying … Continue reading

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Evonomics – Bad biology

How Bad Biology is Killing the Economy The flaws in the competition-is-good-for-you logic Part of the picture, and many of the issues raised here by others like DWAnderson, No More Neos, Matt Beaven and others are valid enough in a … Continue reading

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