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Homo Economicus

Evonomics – How to Destroy Neoliberalism: Kill ‘Homo Economicus’ Some great ideas in this “The last 40 years of research across multiple scientific disciplines has proven, with certainty, that homo economicus does not exist. Outside of economic models, this is … Continue reading

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UBI (Universal Basic Income) Continued from last month

Continuing the UBI conversation from last month Hi Dirk, I do not understand how you get to “markets are incorruptible because there are no subjective influences in the functioning”. Culture – at any and every level is a subjective influence. … Continue reading

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Quora – greatest danger to the world

Quora – What is the greatest danger to the entire world today? Our unexamined assumptions and oversimplifications that we accept as truths, rather than seeing them as contextually useful approximations. Arthur C Clarke once said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is … Continue reading

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Merry Xmas

Christmas morning here in Kaikoura. It is thick drizzly fog outside. Ailsa, Jewelia, Huia and I are warm enough inside. Presents have been exchanged, and we are all doing our own things, each plugged into the internet in different ways. … Continue reading

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Comment to Giovanni on values

Giovanni shared Mike Watson’s Post on Facebook – but the post and all comments have since been removed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1620190871547616/permalink/2144900672409964/ Good question Giovanni Santostasi When one reads Plato’s Republic it is easy to see at least two levels present, and a … Continue reading

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UBI is Inevitable Basic income is going to reach mainstream politics. This is an extremely complex issue. UBI is not in itself any sort of long term stable solution, and it may be an effective part of a transition strategy … Continue reading

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Enough Money

February 22-28 ’18 ~QofDay~ Enough Money If you received enough money to never need to work again, what would you spend your time doing? I would spend about half the year doing much what I am now in Kaikoura, and … Continue reading

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