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Covid and vaccination – again

[ 28/Feb/22 Richard B’s facebook page] If anyone is interested in actual reality, then this is how it seems to me to be, from the very extensive investigations I have made (from the comfort and safety of my computer), over … Continue reading

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Covid Protest and Russell Coutts

Sir Russell Coutts to join Parliament protest heading into eleventh day [ 17/Feb/22 Chris responded – “Totally accurate”] No It is not “totally accurate”. We are in an extremely complex time of transition. Omicron is still dangerous to the unvaccinated. … Continue reading

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More on covid responses

[ 19/January/22 ] Just get ready.Get your vaccination up to date.Eat as much fresh plant based food as possible.Ensure you have enough vitamins D & C and zinc.Get exercise and a bit of sunlight (about half an hour a day … Continue reading

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A response on Omicron

Chris von Roy on Omicron [ 17/January/22 ] This is starting to get into extremely complex territory, in terms of balances of risks across multiple sets of dimensions. It is still early days for Omicron, so we have no real … Continue reading

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Complexity and covid impacts

[ 16/January/22 response to Will’s comment “hopefully we keep holding off the “everyone must work “ thing”] COVID supply chain crisis shows what’s really at the heart of the economy — healthy humans Reality often supplies novelty, like pandemics. When … Continue reading

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Covid post on local community facebook page

[ 15/December/21 Shayne posted “Is it too much to ask what the ingredients are before jabbing kids Jacinda? And what is the deal you have with Pfizer!”] [Sarah posted – The ingredients are publicly available – https://www.medsafe.govt.nz/profs/Datasheet/c/comirnatyinj.pdf%5D Hi Shayne, You … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand, Objectivism and Covid

[ 12/December/21 a private Facebook post – Neil commented – Excellent piece for picking up the essentials quickly and deciding if you want to take time to delve.…”Rand was once asked to systematically define the philosophy she claimed as her … Continue reading

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Covid is real

Robert Malone video [ 8/December/21 ] I was with him up until 9:09 where he said that the fear of the virus was irrational. I have spent a lot of time looking at the numbers on this virus. It is … Continue reading

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Covid Pandemic

What seems to be more threatening to civilization at this time of the pandemic, the surprising stronger mutant variants, or the habitual carefreeness of the humans providing host to? [ 29/November/21 ] Neither. As pandemics go, this is a relatively … Continue reading

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Covid comments on local community facebook group

[ /October/21 ] Freedom is only ever survivable if it comes with responsibility. Total freedom – no restraints at all, necessarily destroys all structure. Every level of complexity requires sets of constraints. The trick in all cases is working out, … Continue reading

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