Humpbacks in Bay again/still

Got up this morning to a glorious morning.

Walked out on the deck wondering if there were still any whales around.

The view was glorious:

Glorious Kaikoura Morning 20th October 7am

Glorious Kaikoura Morning 20th October 7am

I looked around for a few minutes then spotted one out in front of Whale Watch

First whale I saw - out in front of whale watch

First whale I saw – out in front of whale watch

After a couple more minutes looking I saw two more down in front of Lyell creek:

Then spotted two more in front of Lyell Creek, and watched them for 20 minutes

Then spotted two more in front of Lyell Creek, and watched them for 20 minutes

I watched these two for about 20 minutes. Doug Barker came out and worked his pots, and drove straight over the top of the whales. Not sure if he noticed they were there – he certainly never deviated from track.

Then I heard a loud thump from across the bay, and looked up – breaching whale – again – I caught 6 of them on camera, there were at least as many more that I didn’t photograph.

Breaching on the far side of the bay - about 2 miles from home

Breaching on the far side of the bay – about 2 miles from home

Bang - what was that - breaching whale again!

Bang – what was that – breaching whale again!

Leap – splash – again and again!

Splash from first breach

Splash from first breach

second breach

second breach

splash from second breach

splash from second breach

Third breach

Third breach

Splash from third breach

Splash from third breach

Fourth breach

Fourth breach

Fifth breach

Fifth breach

Ho hum - all these whale breaches - 6th one

Ho hum – all these whale breaches – 6th one

Eventually I went back inside – getting hungry and my arms were sore from holding the camera.

Posted this, now time for breakfast.

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Hopes and Dreams

17 Oct ’14 ~Q of Day~ HOPES & DREAMS

How would you describe your hopes and dreams for human kind and the future of our planet?

Thanks FOS ;)

My hopes and dreams are for a raising of the levels of awareness of our relatedness, our similarity, our reliance on the natural systems of the world, an understanding that it is in the interests of each and every one of us to value the life and liberty of every other person (including non-human persons – those capable of holding a conversation) above all else.

I look forward to the time when we have moved beyond the values of the market, to value life and liberty and the environment that supports us all.

I look forward to the rapidly approaching time when aging alone does not increase the risk of death (ie we have eliminated age related illness and disability – through the work of groups like the SENS Foundation – ).

I look forward to a time where technology supplies every human being with the essentials of life, freeing every person to explore their creative potential in whatever way they responsibly choose. Responsibility in this sense involves respecting the life and liberty of all others, and the needs of the diverse ecosystems that support us all and share this world with us.

I look forward to a time beyond nations, beyond cultures, beyond beliefs and truths, where every individual acknowledges the profound ignorance we all share, and as a result is tolerant of whatever diversity shows up.

I look forward to an age where we share our world, and our experience, with machine consciousnesses that surpass our understanding, and enhance our experience of being.

I look forward to a world where we share understanding and knowledge, without the vast arrays of deception that result from economic incentives and realities.

There is no need for scarcity.

I look forward to a time when the vast majority of people can see that systems based upon scarcity (markets), or their derivatives (money) do not serve us well, and we move to systems that can and do deliver abundance to all.

Its not about the technology, that exists already – it is about the ways we think.

We are trapped by our cultures, and they are all embedded in an economic matrix – yet in a very real sense it is all illusion – all based on a set of assumptions that for a long time were true much of the time, but now are false far more often than they are true.

We are a cooperative species.

Time for a bit of trust and cooperation at the species level, and beyond.

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How we Die: Cancer. Which cancers kill the most?

Graphic doesn’t tell us as much as is needed.
I was diagnosed terminal melanoma nearly 5 years ago. It started as a skin cancer, migrated to my lymph system, then established in my liver.
It was all spindle cell type melanoma – a type which does not even appear in the graphic. Had I died it would probably have appeared in the above chart as liver, or perhaps skin, but neither would have been really accurate.

It is not where the cancer ends up growing and killing you that is important, it is the source and type of cancer, prior to its moving to where-ever it finally causes terminal problems.

I appear to have beaten mine – high dose oral Vitamin C appears to have played a large role in that – all of what I did is on my blog –

There is a lot of evidence that diet plays a large role in the body’s ability to fight cancer.

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Why your hospital may be unable to prevent spread of Ebola

If it was me in charge, I would be requesting anyone with flu like symptoms to go to one specific room, by a specific door and I would ask them to wait in their vehicles until called in. Call in one person at a time. Disinfect after each.
Easy to do with modern cell phone tech.
Waiting rooms are an artefact of days with inadequate communication – no need for them in today’s world.

Develop a really fast test for the virus – there is an Australian company in Brisbane with a fast lab on a chip system that works for influenza, and could be quickly adapted to ebola – very accurate technology – very low false positive rate.

Should be relatively simple to contain at reasonable cost.
Need robots for treatment – remote operated. One per patient would be optimal, one per six could work.

But the big thing is preventing spread – limiting contact of anyone with symptoms.
Isolation as far as that is possible.

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Appreciate that many do not have cars. Neither of my children own cars or drive. And a lot of people do. It is not an absolute, and it is a mechanism that could substantially reduce the risk of transmission – not eliminate it, and substantially reduce.

Management of risk is what this is all about.

I can easily manage risk.
I have the stored food to stay home for 3 months.
I am extremely unusual in that.
Staying away from a golf course for 3 months I would find much more difficult (and I just did that, as a result of breaking my collarbone – so I know it is possible ;) ).

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Forbes article

This is another example of the risk that economic thinking poses to humanity.

There is no profit in curing this outbreak in Africa, but if we don’t then we are all at risk.
Once if gets past a point, it becomes very hard to control – we are close to that point.

This is a major risk.
It is most probably controllable at this stage.
Will we act fast enough?

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Humpback whales in bay

For two consecutive days I have seen humpback whales breaching in the bay below our house.

Yesterday I saw one whale breach, but didn’t have a camera with me. Did take the camera out and get quite a few grainy shots of two groups of two humpbacks in the the bay. Two about 1km offshore NW from the New Wharf and two within the Rahui – just about 200m east of the new wharf.

Today I went out to take a shot of a big group of shearwaters, and both heard and glimpsed a whale breaching to my left. I just caught the second breach at the bottom left of the frame, but got the third one closer to centre view.

The birds I went out to photograph

The birds I went out to photograph

Second breach - first I caught on camera - just!

Second breach – first I caught on camera – just!

splashes from first and second breach

Spashes from first and second breach

Third Breach - second I caught on camera

Third Breach – second I caught on camera

Splashes from second and third breach

Splashes from second and third breach

Whale takes a quiet breath

Whale takes a quite breath

Last shot of the session

Last shot of the session

To put this in a context – I was commercial fishing for 17 years, and have been a lifelong boatie and recreational fisher – with over 30,000 hours at sea, and in all that time, I only ever saw one whale breaching – plenty of dolphins and an occasional killer whale (in reality big dolphins), but only one full sized whale. Saw plenty of whales, hundreds of them, breathing and just hanging around on the surface – Brydes, sperm, humpback, right, various beaked whales, blue.

Last month Ailsa saw a whale breach 4 times, and got some great shots.
Yesterday I saw one from our kitchen, I was just talking to Ailsa and caught the movement in my peripheral vision.
Today I was out looking at birds when I heard the crash of something big hitting the water, as I turned to the sound I just got the sequence of shots above. This while standing on the deck of our home.

You just never know what reality is going to put in your path.

Update Sunday 19th October 2014
Just watched a groups of probably 3 humpbacks cruise around the bay. Started watching them about off the lion’s pool in Ingles Bay, and watched them for about 20 minutes as they lazily made their way around in front of Fyffe House, and I lost sight of them under the cliffs. They were moving slowly – about 3 knots, breathing about every 4 minutes.

1 shot that I took that might have enough information for identification

Humpback 19th Oct 2014 16:27 - could be good enough to indentify the individual from the marks near the fin.

Humpback 19th Oct 2014 16:27 – could be good enough to indentify the individual from the marks near the fin.

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Why Rescue?

15 Oct ’14 ~Q of Day~ Why Rescue?

Some people living a spiritualized perspective struggle with whether or not it is good to intervene in the life of another person.
Why do we rescue ?

What has “good” got to do with it?

If someone else is in difficulty, and we have the capability of resolving that difficulty, why not?

If we can be of service to another, at small cost to ourselves, why would we not?

If even a significant minority adopt such strategies then the community as a whole is vastly empowered by it.

It is simply another version of “pay it forward”.

It is actually in our own long term best interests.

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Most marvelous thing seen

14 Oct ’14 ~Question of the Day~ Marvellous

What’s the most marvellous thing you have ever seen with your own eyes?

Cannot give a single answer:


A meteor so bright that I watched it for about 12 seconds at 11am – as it went from near zenith to over the horizon, calving off chunks as it went

a 100ft high wave breaking

a tornado funnel from a distance of about 20ft

Mt Ruapehu erupting

dogs cooperating with one chasing a rabbit to where the other was waiting out of sight

a tree coming out of a river in flood like a giant fly swatter

lightning exploding a tree in two (about 100m from where I stood)

fork lightning sizzling as it hit the water all around me, as I lay in the bottom of my aluminium boat with my hair standing on end from the electric charge around me

waves coming through the ground towards me from the Edgecomb earthquake (as I stood in my house like a boat in a rough sea)

a squall wall of cloud, about 5000 ft high, coming towards me at about 40 miles an hour, with the cloud roiling from the base to out of sight at the top in about 10 seconds

a 14 ft mako shark jumping 30 ft in the air

a Yak52 aircraft crash landing, pieces of its propeller flying across the field towards me

a boat explode as the occupants leaped into the water

thousands of meteors lighting up the night sky like a fireworks display – dozens visible at once- the whole display lasting about 20 minutes

the road flashing past as the motorcycle I was riding went past 285km/hr

hundreds of eels as thick as my leg going up a river late one evening

so many rabbits that it seemed like a whole hillside was moving

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