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Email to Daniel S

Email to Daniel S after watching YouTube Making Sense of Sensemaking: Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jamie Wheal, Jordan Hall – Top Chat Replay Hi Daniel Enjoyed the conversation between you three. I think Jordan has it seriously wrong in a really deep … Continue reading

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Quora – Purpose

Quora – What are the factors that define our purpose in life? Like many others here have written, our definition of purpose seems to result from an extremely complex and potentially infinitely extensible set of factors including: many levels of … Continue reading

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Laurie – Labyrinth Walking

Laurie’s Blog – Labyrinth Walking Laurie asked: What question or prayer would you contemplate on a labyrinth walk? For me, the question would be the same one I have been asking since 1974: What sort of social, political and technical … Continue reading

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Free Will – Ted’s version

I’ve been responding to a lot of other people’s definitions of free will lately – here is my own: In my understanding, free will can be very real, and it is rarely (if ever) absolute. The understanding I have of … Continue reading

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Free Will again – updated 21 Dec

A Response to a Blog: This Atheist Believes in Free Will Trick Slattery’s Blog has a 500 char limit that I only encountered after writing 10,600 characters – so my response is here, and only a link to it there … Continue reading

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Tragedy of Man

TRAGEDY OF MAN EVERYTHING HAS BEEN FIGURED OUT EXCEPT HOW TO LIVE. Yes – to a degree, and without reference to the sickness of the social structures within which they exist there is a lack of balance. Yes – we … Continue reading

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Tom’s Facebook post on Unity

Tom’s facebook post on Unity Kinda, almost Tom. We seem to be many levels of pattern – about 20 of them. We seem to be based in matter, in the patterns of matter and energy within us, as well as … Continue reading

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