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A counter to one of Tom’s antivax posts

[ 28/Jan/21 Tom posted against polio virus] The action of this virus is fairly well understood.http://www.meduniwien.ac.at/100yearspolio/pfds/hogle.pdf You are becoming a danger to those you love Tom. Wake UP ! [followed by …” If you look at your own health history, … Continue reading

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[ 1/11/20 Toms Facebook Page – vaccination] Tom, You are becoming a threat to those you love. Please put more effort into understanding biology. It is vastly more complex than “Its a war out there”. Humans exist as we do … Continue reading

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Vaccination – Tom’s facebook page – updated 30Apr2020

[ 20/4/20 Tom’s facebook page] Hi Tom, While you raise some legitimate concerns about the economic incentives of companies producing vaccines, the rest of your story missed most of the important bits. Genner invented the idea in 1796 to prevent … Continue reading

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