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Ginger Campbell’s interview with Seth Grant

Ginger Campbell’s interview with Seth Grant [ 12/10/20 on my facebook page] This is the best podcast I’ve listened to in a while. Yet another level of complexity in the brain – deeply more complex. I suspect more to come. … Continue reading

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80000 Hours – David Chalmers – Hard problem of consciousness

80000 Hours – David Chalmers – Hard problem of consciousness [ 7/2/20 ] At about 1:27:00 David talks of the hard problem of consciousness, and declares that it cannot be solved. To me, it is hard, and it is solved, … Continue reading

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A bit more on the nature of science

It’s been wet, so not suitable for using chainsaws on steep slopes. I still got out Sunday and played 18 holes of golf, but did not play well with a heavy wet jacket. Been a busy few days blogging. Also … Continue reading

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