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Quora – How do I address global inequality?

How do I address global inequality? [ 18/Jan/21 ] As others have noted, the problem is not inequality – that is a given – real complexity contains diversity – always. The problem is insufficiency – NOT inequality. Giving everyone what … Continue reading

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Environmental management vs sustainability

Environmental Management and sustainability are they same or different from each other? Pls. clarify elaborately. [ 16/11/20 ] Very different. Systems can be managed to extinction, most companies do exactly that. Sustainability is something else.It involves surviving over the long … Continue reading

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Quora – Steps to a sustainable world

Quora – What steps need to be taken for a completely sustainable world? What do you mean by sustainable? What is being sustained? Why? Some people have tried to build a system that promotes and sustains competition, at the cost … Continue reading

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