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Quora – Lifespan

What is the expected lifespan of the human race in this rate of consumption of natural resources? That very much depends how you measure the changes in rates and changes at higher levels of abstraction (changes in systems, and changes … Continue reading

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Quora – Hayflick limit

Quora – Are plans to live more than 150 years doomed because our cells can’t divide themselves more than a certain limit? No. Looked at over the deep time of evolution, every cell alive today seems to have undergone billions … Continue reading

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Quora – difference between learning and evolution

What is the difference between learning and evolution? That is a very interesting question, and it depends how deep you want to take the inquiry as to what sort of answer you get. Oliver Caspari gave a good and valid … Continue reading

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Quora – fungi in multicellular organisms

Quora – What are fungi in multicellular organisms called? Depends entirely what they are doing there. They can be working cooperatively with the organism, in which case they can be somewhere on the spectrum of symbiotic associations; or they can … Continue reading

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Quora – Libertarian philosophy

Quora – Why is the Libertarian philosophy unpopular? Libertarian philosophy is not a singular thing, like most things it is a spectrum that can be extremely complex. Most people seem to think of Libertarian philosophy as the extreme end of … Continue reading

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