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Plant and animal consciousness

Lifeboat foundation – plant consciousness [ 20/Feb/21 Response to a link to this article about plant responses] Having systems capable of signaling damage or opportunity or some aspect of system state does not of itself indicate that systems are capable … Continue reading

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80000 Hours – David Chalmers – Hard problem of consciousness

80000 Hours – David Chalmers – Hard problem of consciousness [ 7/2/20 ] At about 1:27:00 David talks of the hard problem of consciousness, and declares that it cannot be solved. To me, it is hard, and it is solved, … Continue reading

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Bed bugs and going green, link to consciousness

Made many more posts on on ~ The Veil Called Death – exploring the origin of consciousness, and many other things. I’ve written about 9,500 words on the threat so far. The latest one on the origin and nature of … Continue reading

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