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Being better

June 12-15,’16 ~ QofDay~ Better at Something What drives you to do better at something? The thought that there is so much that is really interesting to do, and so many ways to up-skill, that it is really important to … Continue reading

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Another email conversation with Marc

Another Email conversation with Marc [Marc] Speaking of which (the delay in your reply to my last message), I don’t know if I’m simply seeing what I want to see, but I’ve become aware that when you write about individual … Continue reading

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Biological basis for Consciousness? [continuing conversation from last post]

[Following from last post] Hi Judi, Bhatta et al I align with so much you say, but other bits just don’t make sense to me. Perhaps it is just a terminology thing. “When we divest ourselves of all supposed “truth” … Continue reading

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6 Nov ’14 ~Q of Day~ Non-Conformist Can you give any examples of your life that made you realise you’re a non-conformist? I’m not a non conformist in the sense of doing something just to be different, and I am … Continue reading

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Saturday night thoughts

It is my intention to blog every day from here on. I also intend to do one day on what is happening, what I am doing and feeling, and then on alternate days explore some idea. Today was the first … Continue reading

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