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Hyped up titles and life extension

This Link was posted in the facebook group Life Extension and my response was posted there Revolutions: The incredible potential of induced pluripotent stem cells This sort of hype (the title) just annoys me. This was basic and obvious to … Continue reading

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Climate Change

It seems clear to me that the problem of maintaining a reasonably steady temperature and sea level is real enough (at least to some significant degree). Human induced warming is definitely a strong possibility, but the climate stability of the … Continue reading

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Future of Humanity

NZ Skeptics – What would be the most accurate, educated guesswork out there of what humanity will be like in a 1,000 years? I’m cautiously optimistic that we will survive the next 50 years (70/30), and if we manage that, … Continue reading

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Old article on radicalisation came up on facebook.

Will linked to TeenVogue article from 2017 – It’s time to talk about what’s radicalizing white male terrorists True, but that article fails completely at the task. It is far deeper. We need to understand what we are at much … Continue reading

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Foundations of Logic – Welfare everywhere

Foundations of Logic – Welfare Welfare Everywhere Frank Lovell said “Welfare Welfare Everywhere”…until OPM [Other People’s Money] runs out. There are occasionally some Free Lunches, but there are no Free Lunches as a sustainable Way Of Life. Nope, uh-uh, none, … Continue reading

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Quora – AI and the economy

To what extent could artificial intelligence expand the economy? Depends what you mean by economy. Depends how long you want to survive. If you mean a market based economy, where people trade things, then it is a very debatable question. … Continue reading

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Quora – Why isn’t life expectancy increasing

Quora – Why is life expectancy no longer increasing? A really complex answer, and several other answers already cover important aspects. A lot of it has to do with many different levels of economic incentives. Most increases in life expectancy … Continue reading

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