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7 years since being “terminal”, 5 years since 2% survival!

A Special day today – 7 years since being given a 2% chance of living 2 years, 5 years since passing that 2% mark. In the world of cancer, 5 years survival is considered cured (even if you are full … Continue reading

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Members of ANG

March 26-28, ’17 ~QofDay~ Members of ANG Out of 438 members listed as members of ANG, only few are communicating. Where are others? Why do you think they are silent? I’m here. Check in most days. Have done since 14th … Continue reading

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What did 2016 bring

Dec. 27-31,’16 ~QofDay~ Year 2016 What did the year 2016 bring to you? A very full, very mixed year for me. Two friends died of cancer, another from heart failure. My favourite vehicle (my Hilux) died, as did our fridge, … Continue reading

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Everyone OK on Maui Street.

For anyone concerned – we are all fine on Maui Street at present. Remarkably little damage at this stage. A but more info on my Facebook page. Hopefully will have regular Internet access in a few days – more info … Continue reading

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Today the 6th anniversary

Today is 6 years since being given the terminal cancer diagnosis, and being told I had a 2% chance of surviving 2 years, and sent home with a file note “palliative care only”. That must put me close to the … Continue reading

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Conversation with a neighbour

Had an interesting conversation this morning with a neighbour (15th April). She is a Christian, and believes in the experience of a personal god – it is a real experience for her. I get that. I get she has that … Continue reading

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I made it onto TV news last night

I made it onto TV news last night! They condensed a 15 minute conversation into 2 ten second sound bites, and made one statement that is questionable, but otherwise it came out ok. I start t 1:27 into the clip. … Continue reading

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