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A day of celebration.

This day 26 years ago Ailsa and I got married. 22 years and 3 days ago the title for this house changed into our name (with a mortgage, which has been gone a couple of years). Today is a special … Continue reading

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Happy New Year Everyone.

7 Minutes to midnight here in Kaikoura. 2017 draws rapidly to a close. Very best wishes to all. Arohanui Ted

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Near miss car accident in January

Thoughts on a near miss accident earlier this year I mentioned in Laurie’s “A Heavy Load” post earlier this year (Tuesday 31st Jan) that Ailsa and I were almost killed returning home from Jewelia’s 21st in Wellington. The alarm went … Continue reading

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Hardest thing done

June 13-17, ’17 ~QofDay~ Hardest Thing Which is the hardest thing you had to do and why? A really challenging question. How to judge the many different dimensions of hard against each other? One really difficult thing was killing a … Continue reading

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The question of God

Chris Hitchens debates William Lane Craig Warning – I see no evidence to support the God hypothesis, and the arguments below dismantle all of Craig’s arguments. Over the last 5 weeks a group of theists and atheists have met 4 … Continue reading

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7 years since being “terminal”, 5 years since 2% survival!

A Special day today – 7 years since being given a 2% chance of living 2 years, 5 years since passing that 2% mark. In the world of cancer, 5 years survival is considered cured (even if you are full … Continue reading

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Members of ANG

March 26-28, ’17 ~QofDay~ Members of ANG Out of 438 members listed as members of ANG, only few are communicating. Where are others? Why do you think they are silent? I’m here. Check in most days. Have done since 14th … Continue reading

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